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I have been facilitating consultations for a number of years now, however I am constantly changing and as I change my entire approach to life changes in every way. Coaching/Consolations are therefore always evolving. A common challenge shared by all is that we are hindered or blocked by the Level One human limiting beliefs and conclusions about reality. We become lost in a psychological maze which manifests as our reality.

We are chased by a barrage of subtitle beliefs. This is further complicated by our frustration to break free from this merry around. These sessions are meant to assist in rising up from conditions of impossibility.

This is not about over planning one’s life but instead it encompasses the magic of spontaneity which allows us to operate more in the moment. New dimensions have been added to these one on one sessions. The fact is that you have always been free. This is not about intellectualizing freedom. The kind of freedom that is being referenced here goes beyond the collectively accepted definition of freedom. We are cutting through collective and spiritual illusory programs used to identify freedom.

The magic of loving and appreciating all that we have been is priceless. It plays a significant role in this deep level of freedom which we seek.


Coaching/Consultations go beyond subconscious programs, beyond guides and angels or past life regression. This is about the raw science of creating your hologram; your reality. What areas of your life are you experiencing the most challenges? All areas are connected and will require the same tools to redesign it. This is about you owning the truth of who you are as the creator of your reality hologram. Your consciousness is the source behind the creation of your life’s journey.

Business and Life Mapping fall within the same process although we will focus on areas of concern. Sessions are split into two or three one hour sessions. I find it more effective to split sessions into a minimum of two sessions. It allows participants to go away, have experiences and questions ready for our next meeting. Mentoring and Conscious Reality Management coaching is separate.


Perhaps you are a business owner or perhaps you wish to become a business owner. What challenges or dilemmas are you currently facing. Are you struggling to figure out your options? Walking away or moving forward can hold us stuck at the crossroads for quite some time. Either way it’s all related to where you are at this point in your life and so there is a struggle between the automated self and the expanded self. We will seek to release the blocks creating challenges in making the necessary choices for your business.


Reshaping our lives is an endless quest. However we often face difficulty in navigating through changes and choices. There is difficulty because choices are being made based on embedded programming of the human game. We are then conditioned to rely more heavily the external world although subtle. The search for stability, security and safety are often the foundation supporting our lives. Life mapping is entails a release from that thought process so that a more authentic life can be experienced without the harassment of fear in the choices made. Life mapping does not disqualify the life you have lived and the choices that you have made, but instead embraces them. Those experiences have prepared you to graduate into a more authentic experience. Life Mapping is not about rules and routines. This is for those who feel ready to step beyond the collective rules of the human game.


Mentoring is a 6 months process which involves a profound level of letting go cutting through the encumbrances of the common limiting protocols. It involves a level of letting go that is truly necessary. The journey of the process allows one to realize that your freedom does not come from logical planning of one’s life. Understand that this mentoring process is not pre planned as it is not a one size fits all. We are surfing or riding the wave guided by your expansive self, no longer operating by the rules of the automated self. I will support you over the course of six months. Remember…the security of mapping and planning will change. You will no longer map and plan your life for the sake of security but from a perspective of enjoyment. If you are ready to take this journey please do so by CICKING HERE.

Conscious Reality Management Coaching- 4 week Coaching session

This four week coaching session specifically focuses on assisting you through the Conscious Reality Management system. If you are unfamiliar with the CRM system, please CLCK HERE. This is a 10 step system I created to not only take one from chaos, to calm to consciously creating but to also establish foundation building in ones hologram.


Sonia Barrett is wise and articulate and smart, and, above all, she is effective. My consultation with her took me deep into critical problem areas that have been defining my life and, above all, making it so much less than it should be. Her methods are strikingly simple and careful. They recognize the way the subconscious clings to learned patterns, and offer a means to replace negative and harmful ones with healthier patterns that replace unseen enslavement with new freedom.

I count my experience with Sonia as being among the most useful few hours that I have spent in any form of consultation. Thank you, Sonia.

(Anne Strieber/Whitley's wife- "Your analysis (if that's the right word for it) was one of the most incredible things I've ever heard and from one who knows Whitley well, I can tell you it was right on the money!")

Whitley Strieber

Author of Communion

A session with Sonia is like having a session with a very wise, loving, incisive and intuitive friend. She can spot your limiting stories/scripts almost instantly, which allows you to gain clarity at the deepest levels.

I consider myself to be very self-aware and yet because of her ability to listen 'beyond your words' to the key issue/s, and 'magically' pull out the key phrases that get to the heart of the matter; I was able to gain a much deeper understanding of the programs that have been running my life.

Now all that is great enough in itself. But she also knows how to clear those programs in such a way that you literally feel the shift happening during the session. There is no feeling of being rushed, pushed, or prodded into new ways of thinking, more a sense of relief at releasing long-held subconscious beliefs. My body literally felt like it was saying: 'Thank GOD I can let that go!' lol

And I also have to say that she is very funny and that I haven't laughed like that (at the absurdity of life and our programs;) in a long time. I would highly recommend Sonia to anyone!


Brighton, U.K

Sonia Barrett surpassed my expectations. She is approachable, direct, and on point. In a single consultation I was able to connect dots I have not been able to connect in years of therapy. Sonia taught me some exercises and tools that I can apply to help myself. I sensed a deep understanding on her part of how I have lived most of my life rewinding the same movie with different characters and props. After my consultation with Sonia, I feel quite aware that I need not keep on pressing rewind. I am now free to write a new life script of my liking, engage in its production, and rejoice in it. Thanks, Sonia!

-Nora P.

Wilder, VT

Sonia’s work has from the moment I first discovered it been a huge inspiration to me and helped me take some leaps I didn’t always myself knew were safe to take. However when I after anticipating it for almost a year finally decided to book a consultation with Sonia it was so worth it and I had to book one more which probably won’t be the last. The more you are ready to jumpstart your game the better she will be able to help you to realize all the things you already know.

Thank you again

-Mikkel J


I encountered Sonia while she was being interviewed on Rumor Mill News Radio and was immediately drawn to this incredible energy. She shared her information and experiences with clarity and true appreciation. It made so much sense. I literally was standing in my kitchen in awe. Sonia was answering questions that I had had for so long but didn't quite know how or what to ask.

I had to hear more - that two hours was definitely not enough.

I went to my computer, listened to many of her interviews, lectures and read several of her articles. I spent the next week or so drinking up this vast, nourishing, and enlightening information.

Finally I emailed Sonia requesting personal sessions. I have experienced many different approaches and Sonia's sincerely takes you to the core of what is limiting you and guides you to see what is so far beyond what is right in front of you to create that life you desire to lead.

Sonia is an engaging and beautiful bright light and I'm so very thankful to be working with her. She enhances all of creation.


Delafield, WI

I first encountered Sonia's work through a friend of mine. I was immediately drawn to her unique way of providing information that increased awareness and expanded my understanding of reality rather than the usual new age information which left a gap between myself and the presenter.
Sonia brought it home and made it personal, which is the goal with self expansion. She is the only one who can achieve this now, in my opinion.

I listened to her videos, purchased her book/CDS, and was fascinated by what she said and how she said it.

I contacted Sonia and found her approachable and direct. I have since spent almost 2 years expanding my consciousness through her monthly webinars and it has changed my life.
Recently I did a personal consultation with Sonia which has catapulted me to my next level of expansion. I am looking forward to the next level of enlightenment and feel fortunate to have benefitted from Sonia's work.


Virgenia Beach, VA

I have studied CHi Kung (Qi Gong) since the mid '80s, and was teaching in the Washington, DC area [Arlington, VA] for over 15 years, prior to moving to Asheville, NC.

I am newly working/playing with Sonia. I recognize her as someone who walks the walk.
She demonstrates an empathy and intuitive grasp of her clients “is-ness”, and what needs to shift for real change to occur. She possesses the tools and knows how to employ them. In other words, in my opinion, she is a modern day shaman.

I am aware of the self limiting ideas, attitudes, and entrapping beliefs/programs that have been repeating in my thought patterns for decades, resulting in a distorted perception of my reality, and its lack of a grand view and joie de vivre.

Sonia, in her own life, has demonstrated that these program paradigms (thought patterns) can be observed/read, deleted, and changed into/ replaced by self-created programs of growth and happiness. Her youthfulness is a sign for all to see, and way past anything that genetics could bestow.

Sonia operates freely outside the realms of what is commonly held as “the possible”. She is a Wisdom Woman. When I work with her I am able to feel that Wisdom working in my behalf. She is light heart-ed, has a great sense of humor, and intimately acquainted with the cosmic joke, which she is more than willing to share/let you in on!

- Geo Schiffer

Who needs Lara Croft, Tomb Raider ... When you've got Sonia Barrett .... Programs Excavator/Doom Slayer : )

From my very first contact with Sonia, it was unmistakable that she was my advocate. She literally and functionally went the extra mile to be available and accessible to inspire and assist me in taking much needed action in my life.

She arrived for each session creatively prepared to accompany me along my path to a more sovereign, liberated experience and to take the lead as required.

Sonia brings a fierce willingness and capacity to speak clarifying principles to those who call upon her library of expertise. She is an attentive and nonjudgemental listener with the skill to guide and catalyze a serious seeker. Her soul-side manner is intuitive, instinctive, creative and relaxed, reassuring and life affirming. Each of my sessions with Sonia has unfolded into a worthwhile series of insightful, satisfying, custom tailored exchanges with practical recommendations suited to my need, culminating in noticeable results.

Sonia is a well balanced resource of insight and illusion busting how-to's for disengaging from self undermining, covertly running, previously installed mind programs. She shares what she has personally discovered, with a heartfelt compassion and uplifting encouragement.

I experience Sonia's approach as focused yet spacious, relaxed yet firmly supportive, resulting in an effective course corrective content, delivery and outcome.

And we laugh together quite a bit!

VH San Marcos, CA

Remember that life is all smoke and mirrors a creation of your own mind.
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