Written by Sonia Barrett, February 2013

Coming up for air from the challenges of our life’s stories is a pursued reward. This seemingly simple desire can actually be a challenging accomplishment for many. The truth is that our life is built on our story whatever that may be regardless of the conditions that led to that story. We are generally submerged in this experience on a daily basis. We are addicts to our lives although we yearn to be relieved of these experiences. In our heads we chant our likes and dislikes in a very unconscious ritual. We run pictures and images through our minds as a confirmation and validation of these selected stores.

hour glass

There seems to be no end to this torment. Time is then assigned as the scale of “value” for if we are to live these stories in our heads we must become fully immersed in the “time” construct. Our ability to modify the dimension of time is part of the misunderstood magic for what we are able to do in our minds we can also do in the outward version of reality. In our minds we are able to live two weeks or ten years in but a moment. However we are faced with collective conditioning and our addiction to such beliefs about the mechanics of reality. We ultimately exist in the realm of imagination…who or what is imagining us? Are we the ultimate imaginer? Why are we so afraid to own that position? Perhaps it is because for so long we have been convinced that someone else is at the wheel. This has allowed us the luxury of blaming something outside of our self. What’s outside…we are both outside and inside. If that is the case then where can blame ultimately be placed?

There is no doubt that within the intricate layers of reality are worlds and realms of opposing and allied forces where we are both stalked and assisted. Those ascended and descended, planetary life and alien life, dimensions and planets light years away; all exists under the umbrella of time for it requires the condensing or expanding of time in order to travel within these spaces. Is time then simply an imagined concept; a stage to play out our stories. Many speak of shifts but a shift into what exactly…is it more of the familiar collective dream neatly wrapped in a more expansive version of our limitations and protocols? This may seem like a contradiction but it is very possible to add scope to ones limitations. Noticing these ongoing limitations can be challenging especially when ones environment continues to reaffirm this position.

We should keep in mind that reality and science are only as final as our perception dictates. So in order to come up for air and to deeply breathe in freedom we must be reminded of our stories and of the magic of our imagination; image-in-action or magic in action. Snap out of the dream (at least for a moment). Time is a marketed concept and the manner in which you choose to interact with it is up to each of us. Oneness is also about uniqueness and our ability as individuals to stretch the envelope. Without minds willing to move forward in this manner one may continue to feel imprisoned in this reality mind trap. The key is to question your life and your stories. You represent the whole and your obligation is to be unlimited in your imagination…your own unique imagination. Oneness and separateness are a paradox so we must live both by being all that we deem possible without the restrictions of conclusive analysis about the nature of reality. Just live!

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