Sonia Barrett Ph.D., C.P. - a true visionary

Sonia Barrett Ph.D. is the executive producer of the award-winning documentary The Business of Disease. She is the host and producer of the radio show The Expansion Zone with Sonia Barrett on KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, and is a certified (HPN) High Performance Neurofeedback practitioner and a Personal Development Strategist. She is currently completing her MSc in Applied Neuroscience (Kings College London). 

Sonia Barrett  is known for her cutting-edge insights supported by aspects of quantum physics and neuroscience. Theoretical Physicist Dr. Amit Goswami refers to her as a true mystic. Her work bridges the gap between science and spirituality in a simplified format. She addresses the programming, beliefs and concepts by which we have lived our lives both individually and collectively.  

Sonia Barrett Ph.D., teaches and coaches on The Natural Science of the path inward, she is the author of The Holographic Canvas: The Fusing of Mind and Matter and her second book, A Journey of Possibilities and Health: An Inside Job an Outside Business (a supplement to the film- each chapter is written by those in the film) and her latest book and 7 Day Program, Simple ways to step outside of your comfort zone; Letting go of an outdated life. 

She has been a popular radio guest appearing on such shows as Coast 2 Coast AM with host George Noory, Conscious Media Network, Gaia TV and a host of others..


Sonia Barrett has been a Keynote speaker at such conferences as the Alchemy Conference, Conscious Life Expo, the ISSSEEM conference, Conspiracy Con, The Bay Area UFO Conference and more. She has appeared on panels with such visionaries as Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., Dr. Jacob Liberman, Amit Goswami Ph.D., Rev. Michael Beckwith and others.

She has appeared in a number of documentaries, Openings; a search for Harry, Ghetto Physics the movie Co-produced by E Raymond Brown and Will Arntz (Producer of What the Bleep do we know) iTHINK, and soon to be released Punk Science the Movie, produced by Dr. Manjir Samantha-Laughton.

“Recognizing our spiritual and perceptual boundaries and comfort zones is a major factor in our quest for answers. In general, we are unaware of what we don’t know and the distance widens even further when we are affixed behind a barrier of limiting beliefs. Reality is a great science that has no boundaries only those that we create for our comfort. There is no right or wrong way to grow but it can be of tremendous assistance in recognizing the limitations which hold us bound. ” Sonia Barrett


She produced The Business of Disease documentary,  77 minute feature. Distribution for the film launched in February 2017 and is now available on select TV and digital platforms (visit www.thebuinessofdisease.com for details) She has also published a companion book  Health an Inside Job an Outside Business with each chapter written by those in the film www.thebusinessofdisease.com.

THE BUSINESS OF DISEASE – Sonia Barrett, Producer

The Business of Disease is a seventy-seven-minute documentary exploring the hypnosis of marketing, belief systems and the body’s ability to heal. The Business of Disease documentary exceeds the marketing of dis-ease but also examines the environmental and social programs from which our choices and experiences are shaped. It is an observation of how and why we have become catalysts for the business of disease. The film aims to provide options and insight into cutting edge possibilities. Science is integrated as a means of opening the door to available possibilities in better understanding the inner technology of spirit, mind, and body. The documentary takes a “whole being”

approach in dealing with dis-ease. This is a film that encourages us all to be unafraid to take responsibility for our bodies, our spirits, and our minds.


“Sonia Barrett is undoubtedly a true mystic” Dr. Amit Goswami, Ph.D., Theoretical Physicist

"Sonia's visionary journey guides us to a new understanding of life." Jacob Liberman Ph.D. Vision Scientific

 "Sonia Barrett is one of the world's true visionaries who can see beyond the veil into the deep fabric of the universe."

Manjir Samanta-Laughton MD, author of Punk Science and The Genius Groove

Sonia Barrett is a fascinating and charismatic speaker, whose expertise covers many subjects. She brings her insight and perspective in an accessible and understandable manner that kept my attention focused.

Steven Halpern-Grammy nominated recording artist, sound healer, researcher, and author

"Fasten your seatbelt and hang on to your shorts when Sonia Barrett starts dropping knowledge in her courageous, eloquent and relentlessly compassionate way.”

Foster Gamble — President & Co-Founder of Clear Compass Media; Creator, Host, Co-Writer, and Director of Visual Design for THRIVE (the movie)

Sonia Barrett is wise and articulate and smart, and, above all, she is effective!
Whitley Strieber, Author of Communion

“Sonia Barrett's The Holographic Canvas is stirring in peeling away much of our disempowering views about our place and our influence on physical reality”
Jordan Maxwell Internationally recognized Author and radio talk show host; Inspiration for the film “Zeitgeist”

To schedule Sonia Barrett as a radio guest or as a speaker at your event please submit your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone at 818-899-1133. For personal coaching details click here! 


  •  Applied Psychophysiology
  • CISD Certified (Crisis Incident Stress Debriefing)
  • Certified Lymphologist
  • Certified Medical Qigong Teacher Trainer
  • Certified High performance Neurofeedback Practitioner
  • Surviving C-PTSD (Complex PTSD ) Certified