How significant is your body

There is a tendency to greatly reduce the importance of the body specifically by a great many spiritual movements. It’s generally easier to dismiss things that seem to be beyond our control or beyond our ability to understand or decipher. The body is clearly a puzzling piece. However it is evident that the body takes its instructions from its occupant. Most of these instructions are unrealized; they are automatic based on patterns in behavior and beliefs. Much of what we understand is specific to a particular outcome, one that is supported by confirmation all around us…or so it appears.

The human experience is an intricate game with two distinct outcomes….however these are not final outcomes but are specific to the nature of the human game which we “appear” to be participating in. With these bodies we may chose the default option in leaving the human game (or do you really leave it?) or you may properly activate the body to its full potential. Since the projected program is reflective of our environment and seem to be the default program of disassembling the molecular pattern of the body through a method of decay; we are then convinced of this as the only viable option.

The body is incredibly significant as it is a key factor in playing the human game, in deciphering it and evolving to new levels of possibilities. It is our sensory system connecting us to a vast reality network/holodeck; a biogenetic transmitting and receiving technology. A true spiritual quest involves an open and unlimited exploration otherwise our discoveries will be controlled by boundaries and limitations. So just how much thought have you put into the role of your body? How important is your body to you…or are you simply looking forward to shedding it. By whose design have you carved your path! Hope to dialog with you in this upcoming workshop and to hear your thoughts as well!

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