Spiritual trendiness that can be a little annoying

In previous articles I have written about The role of “trends” in human adaptation and evolution . The manner in which we as humans take to trends is fascinating. If a word, phrase or behavior is heard or observed enough times it is easily adapted and becomes part of our norm. There are a few words particularly in new age circles that really makes my head spin around a few times. These words become so trendy that they lose their core meaning and instead become the “trendy” thing to say.

The absence of authenticity is replaced by a regurgitation of words and phrases. What are these words and phrases that seem to cause my head to spin around several times; they are

  • Mindfullness
  • Abundance
  • Prosperity
  • The law of attraction
  • Find your purpose

These words seem to conjure up an ongoing sense of deficiency. People are then caught in this endless chase to achieve fulfillment because their lives are never enough. There is this constant sense of something always being “wrong”. Seeking to fill a void based on these principles. They are caught in this endless questioning of “how to get there” (whatever their perception of where “there” is according to what has been fed to them.)

Perhaps hearing themselves use these words and phrases gives them a sense of making things happen, a sense of being “in” or just being in the know. It’s the talk, the look and the attitude.

Other trendy words food related are:

  • Juicing
  • Green smoothies
  • Are you Vegan?

There is just something about the way it’s said. Yet I have nothing against any of it but there is such a condescending vibe that goes with it all and a self-righteousness that flows from it. The fact is that anything in excess can ultimately throw the body out of balance and the same with thoughts and behavior. Our freedom is all tied up into these behaviors. People are seeking a way out from under this system of being human. This in itself creates a level of vulnerability drawing them into these prefabricated feelings and beliefs. They are then left feeling a sense of progress, throwing in meditation and the latest feel good workshop. Awakening to the game of reality in raw form can be a bit daunting for some as the crutches fall away. What we have left is the pureness of who we are and in observance of the character that we have so diligently invested in. Only then can we authentically experience the NOW which ends the chase for mindfulness, abundance, prosperity and all the other concepts as it is then realized that there is nothing to get to. We can then listen to our body and adhere to what it needs. The fact is that we arrive at this state of understanding when the game gets old. So until then enjoy it all until you find that you no longer are!

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