The Mind Maze - Waking up in the dream!

We are wanderers in a mind maze, caught in our own minds, continuously searching for answers. We search with the hope of finding clues or some semblance of purpose and clarity of this journey. Endlessly facing resistance and opposition, there always seems to be a push back away from the freedom we seek. We are dreamers in a dream, of a dream in which most are asleep in the dream and dreaming their way into an even deeper state of sleep. We struggle to control the dream not realizing that the very application of control is pre-programmed; pre-programmed with concepts, ideas, beliefs and perceptions that mimic freedom.

This should not be perceived as hopeless but instead we should hit the pause button on our ego based survival program which scans always ready to defend and ward off invaders. Instead we must turn to our deeper instincts in sensing information of relevance which may lead us even closer to the freedom we seek.

We are living the past, present and the future right now, all simultaneously. Intellectualizing will not get us past the gatekeepers in our minds. Instead it is the letting go of the ego’s fear of not surviving. Our entire day to day concept of existence is built on the physical world and like everything else it’s just a mirage or the echo of a thought or idea. The physical world is supported and held together by our fear of not existing.

Challenges are an application (APP) that serves to produce an endless stream of dreams (stories) leading to opportunities of deeper enslavement in the game or of awakening in the game. The choice is up to us however we can only choose according our level of awareness in the moment. We must remain open to endless possibilities so that we will not be blind to magnificent moments when they show up.

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