What it means to ride out change

While change is inevitable we still find ourselves in resistance to it. Particularity when we are faced with making changes that seems to be in our own hands. Perhaps we become more resistant because there is a sense of powerlessness or loss of control over the change that will or will not occur. Our experiences with unintended change that seem to snatch us from right where we stand, tossing us in an unplanned direction; has left us very vulnerable and cautious. For that reason we find comfort in changes that seem to rely solely on our decision.

Despite this sense of control, we find that when change is delayed or not acted on, ultimately change will happen. When change happens under those conditions we then recognize that we had a choice and a say so in the direction of this change if only we had acted on it. Instead we procrastinated and allowed a default action to take place.

In order to be more proactive in embarking on change we must keep in mind that the change taking place is replacing an old behavior, pattern or belief. When these behaviors, patterns and beliefs have been in place for a while there is a tendency to revert back to them once change is introduced. This is where it is necessary to “ride out” the change by being aware of one’s thoughts and actions as it relates to this change. Our brains naturally want to boomerang back to the familiar or the comfortable, regardless of the limitations that it had imposed on one’s life.

Deep and lasting change is more resilient when supported by a foundation of understanding where the science of brain, mind magic and this networking system is clearer. This is in large part why there is such difficulty in aiming to “change one’s life by changing ones thinking”. This is also why for some it doesn’t seem to work. When we do not have all of the tools or an understanding of how that tool works and the best way to use it or even why it works; we become despondent and uncertain. Many then seek out new concepts which promote and promise guaranteed change.

To be clear we must do the work for ourselves however being able to ride out the difficult moments is based on the strength of our foundation. Our foundation is a structure of what we know and understand. This is what gets us through the hellish moments of change, those moments where we just want to lay down and give up. Such feelings of wanting to give up only rise up when we are close to breaking through the old and cementing the new change.

Let’s remember that reality is made of us! We are ultimately the core ingredient!

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