Beginning every New Year or new 12 months cycle should not simply be viewed as a marker of getting one year older. This kind of thinking or belief can be more disabling than realized. It can derail your efforts in unforeseen ways. We set ourselves up in ways that chart a series of choices and experiences that either keep us affixed in the same patterns or moves us further away from the desired goal.  So what are some of the steps that you can be taken in charting changes in our personal upcoming cycle?

  1. Get pen and paper and chart the following
    1. Writing things down unclutters the mind and it also allows us to more clearly see all that we believe to be true about our lives
  2. Examine the course of your life over a period of the past 12 months cycle (the year)
  3. Seek out the repeat disabling and disempowering conditions over the years
  4. What steps have you taken in the past to change them and if not why haven’t you
  5. What do the changes you envision look like in replacing the old experiences
  6. What have you told yourself of what it will take to get there
  7. What are your fears about taking action
  8. Realize that your fears are based on speculations about the unknown
    1. Realize that your speculations are being drawn from past experiences
    2. Understand that your speculations about the future is a safety and survival mechanism that allows you to feel in control of the unknown
    3. Remind yourself that all that exist is “this moment” and that everything else is speculative
  9. It’s important to sit with step 8 and process this understanding so that you will cement this awareness. Make it your launching pad!
  10. Allow these changes to be about you
    1. Doing so will send a ripple of change through your entire reality experience including those around you (as these characters are written into your script to support what you currently believe about yourself)
    2. Remember that its always about you and the illusion is that it’s about someone else and what they may or may not be doing to you
  11. Use all of the above steps to change your thoughts; your thinking
  12. Finally take action
  13. Lastly expect change!

I would love to hear from you should you wish to share any changes experienced after following these simple steps!

Should you desire additional assistance NEW CONSULTATION OPTIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE! Wishing you an amazing new cycle in 2018!

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