Trapped in your familiar version of reality

This virtual world is constantly changing and so we struggle to hold on to the version familiar to us. It is the version that we first encountered when we descended into this current earth cycle at birth; your parent's version and now made your version with a few alternations here and there!  However what we have been clinging to are distortions of history and the conclusions of science which have simply provided the filter through which we continue to collectively interpret reality. The agreed on version.

We experience sprinkles of a memory of our vastness of what we were or could be but these sprinkled glimpses dissipate much too quickly when we aim to examine them more closely. 

We are a far cry from what we were and all that we are returning to being. Our perception of what or who we are is much too small. Yet it has served its purpose. Some must now become large once again in order to transcend this version or expression of reality. No escaping but simply outgrowing the illusion of limitations. 


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