Your life is a project! Your expansive self took on the project of experiencing human life

Your expansive self took on the project of experiencing human life. Nobody really thinks of it this way, because we are conditioned to have very narrow interpretations about a great many things in our life. We often stick closely to prescribed definitions and meanings. This is all part of directing our attention away from seeing the multidimensional meaning in all that we engage.

Our minds are directed away from seeing the common formula within all things. This leaves us focused on the rituals in our lives; rituals that often limit our ability to dream, to imagine and to follow through. Instead, we validate our fixed position in this game of life. We qualify our non-movement and procrastination with excuses that hold our ritualistic patterns in place. Food, clothes, and shelter become the focused dream. Matters of the heart become part of this focus and often consume our reality and greatly impact the choices we make.

Whether it is the fear of failing, the fear of change or fear of the unknown we have a responsibility to ourselves to live beyond our perceived limitations. Sure not everyone is here to boldly go into the unknown and the unfamiliar but to those who have been feeling the tug, I say let go and take that bold step! Money is a catalyst and is often our validations or scapegoat for not moving forward. Another excuse is family or having the time. What are your dreams, what are you passionate about? This “life” project is more than just about survival! And if indeed it is only about “survival” then there are some missing ingredients that are required to ensure one's survival and longevity on the mission! Those ingredients are living, expanding the mind and growing new neural pathways!

“The neural pathways in the brain begin to solidify by age 25; however, new neural pathways can be created with a bit of effort. By challenging yourself and taking on new habits, you can grow more neurons and create new pathways. For the most part, ways of thinking become set after age 25

“It turns out that we, as human beings, develop neural pathways, and the more we use those neural pathways over years and years and years, they become very stuck and deeply embedded, moving into deeper portions of the brain,” said Deborah Ancona, a professor of management and organizational studies at MIT. “By the time we get to the age of 25, we just have so many existing pathways that our brain relies on, it’s hard to break free of them.”

So taking steps to initiate projects and ideas is much more than you think. This is ultimately about understanding the “project” of being alive! Nothing is as it seems.  Perhaps it’s time to step beyond narrow perceptions and perspectives and see what has always been there waiting to be seen and to be experienced by you!

Creating New Neural Pathways in the Brain

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0 #1 Sonia Barrett 2019-02-20 00:09
The more that I allow myself to see more deeply into this experience called life I can more clearly see that I am involved in a project beyond all projects! lol Navigating my life is no different than bringing one of my many projects to fruition!

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