Tips for ending your story loop from moment to moment!

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Stop for a moment! Today is just another moment in time and each moment is just another moment in time. This means that moments come and go, moving on to become the past. What stories from the archive of your past are you still clinging to? Take a moment to ponder the following thoughts:

  • How different are you today than yesterday?
  • How often do you stop to observe your moment to moment changes?
  • Perhaps your stories distract from your recognition of the newness of each moment
  • What stories are you stuck on, stories about who you believe yourself to be
  • What do you scream for in the privacy of your mind?
  • What are the beliefs that are stopping you from letting yourself out of this box?
  • What do you predict will happen should you free yourself from this box?
  • What are the payoffs of these stories in your life?
  • Are you able to allow yourself to see the truth of what you feel?

Our minds and our lives are like Russian nesting dolls or a box in a box in an infinite number of boxes. It’s very much a matrix in a matrix and so on. The face that we feature becomes the representative of all the many layers at which we are thinking and operating or at least so we believe.

So today if you were to let go in the silence of your private space what images or feelings of your desired life would you surrender to? What are the sensations of this imagined life that would allow the release of a deep long sigh of satisfaction hhhhhhhhhh; a sign of hitting the reset button in both mind and body!

Resetting can be as simple as this deep sigh or in moving from one's physical space to 2 or 3 steps in front of you followed by acknowledging that you are now in a different state of being. This all signifies a shift in one’s emotional state or thinking.

Try these simple tips, just try them on and let me know what you experienced! Comment below!

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