Release your disappointments, What are you burdened by? Go beyond a 2020 vision!

December 10, 2019

Sonia Barrett

Sonia FB profile picWe tend and nurture our burdens like we do our gardens or those we hold dear. Although it may not appear to be this way this is often our common behavior. We guard our wounds and unforgettable stories that remain in our subconscious mind. They often direct the decisions of the conscious mind.

As we cross this bridge into the 2020 cycle, this new cycle represents clarity of vision, as Dr. Jacob Liberman, vision scientist points out; and requires us to go beyond 2020 vision. We must examine the blurriness of our sight, and of our ability to see ourselves more clearly. Have we given ourselves permission to experience such clarity? There are many moments perhaps which we do not wish to reengage or to be reminded of.  It is that which appears to be hidden; supported by guilt, fear, disappointment, and shame which are more weighted burdens than that which is observed, accepted, mourned and given permission to dissipate.

Life is fluid despite the seemingly disjointed experiences. Every experience is connected in some way and our disappointments are then the instrument of adjustment. These are the necessary adjustments required to establish the ideal connections for specific outcomes.  Disappointments reroute our plans and choices and are a catalyst for moving into fluidity.  However, we are in a constant battle with fluidity. Flow removes a secured controlled outcome. Fluidity tosses us right smack into the darkness of the unknown. What next? All of our plans are in upheaval. We are forced to trust that on the other side of disappointment is a path that will ultimately lead to our rise into deeper levels of ourselves; a deeper knowing and inner trust.

This understanding is core to our development. Some may describe this as blind faith but it’s more about the realization that many of our choices are filtered through the lens of our automatic/robotic/character/survival self that does not have clear sight beyond the safety of its storehouse of memories. Disappointment is a navigator, an interrupter of our safe sense of security that has been vested in the comfort of human rules for both physical and nonphysical laws.

What can we gather from all of this? We can reexamine not only our current disappointments but those from our past. Such an examination allows us to see the numerous times that we have received greater opportunities and outcomes arising from failed expectations. We may perhaps find a multitude of disappointments with outcomes that may strengthen and encourage us to trust the flow. Clearly, things are not always as they seem. Your desired outcome is known! Go beyond a 2020 vision!

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