Celebrating Christ Mass- You are Super-consciousness infused in matter!

Celebrate life! Celebrate the magic of the season! Earth is an amazing space and a profound experience. The adventurous and creative creatures that we areyou lead by example 1 have produced a variety of opportunities to immerse ourselves in. Through religious and spiritual beliefs, atheism and speculations about our origins, our past, and future treks we celebrate these moments in this magical season. This season is really a culmination of everything, all that we believe, disagree with and all that we hope to be and to understand. The wheel of this cycle sort of resets the pattern of these opportunities yet with each passing cycle we may potentially become wiser and elevate our consciousness. So regardless of our beliefs about life and the season the wheel will turn and as long as you are still in the game of earth life you are affected by this spinning wheel, the ushering in of new "fields" that becomes the canvas upon which we play/paint our lives. 

An upgrade in our perception is then essential in greeting these reset points in this earth network. Be ok with who you are and who you have been. You were doing your job of being human in every experience you have participated in, in every thought you have had and in every action, you have carved. Its ok, for it is the power of knowledge that stimulates the needed upgrade in our awareness/consciousness. Reset your thinking and prepare to step into greater levels of understanding and of possibilities. “Christ “(meaning-to be anointed): with what? To be anointed is to step into the garment of the super self! “Mass” (in physics, it is the quantity of matter in a body) It is about being Super-consciousness infused in matter, that’s your mission here!

Entering Superconsciousness or your superself ( you are always super, just not remembering this) is to expand beyond the previous unawakened self. Pinnochio becomes a real boy! We upgrade! It’s a state of power that supersedes this old manual experience. Change your perception of what is possible as science draws closer to giving the world permission to think bigger. Don't wait for permission! Give yourself permission to be more, to be what you already are!

Happy Holidays and much, much love to you!  You are Super-consciousness infused in matter!

The Natural Science of the path inwards, workshop webinar series


A Six-part workshop webinar series! 



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