Glide into 2020 with ease, don't stress out on expectations!

Glide into 2020 with ease, don't stress out on expectations! Some may feel a bit stressed about entering into a new year while others are optimistic and excited about it! Expectations can drive us crazy! Expectations and disappointment are copartners. Desires and expectations can throw us into all sorts of emotional upheaval. We become too in our heads. Its time to trust that the desired outcome is making its way to you, perhaps not in the manner you expected, but nonetheless you are fine! Trust your journey by being in the flow with what is showing up at the moment. Begin to "Read the Datastream"all around you.Every moment is taking you to greater opportunities! The same goes for your expectations of others! Don't create stressfully and imprisoning stories in your head/life all grown from your expectations and potential disappointments. Tune in and trust the process of your journey with your 2020 vision!

Much love, Sonia

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-1 #1 Sonia Barrett 2020-02-20 13:31
Yes, I fully understand. Listening to and trusting that inner voice is key in aiming for peace. That's for sure!

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