Every moment is new, you have power over your mind and will

Often we forget that life cycles through with no two moments alike. However, it is us that drag the baggage of our stories into every next moment and every next day. We say that we cannot help it but like everything else, these are habits, normalized and socialized human behavior. Its how we become stuck!

Life happens through a series of cycles at least in this human experience. The most significant cycles are short-lived.  These subatomic particles from moment to moment remake you! They remake your body so you are technically never the same from moment to moment however we become tied and attached to the memory of our stories. Each moment then resembles one long ongoing moment of the same life and experience. These subatomic particles don't die they simply transform per your thoughts and beliefs about your life. They recycle our stories until we change our focus.

So this is a reminder of the power you hold over your mind and your will, "This day is new, this moment is new, I am new and my choices today will be new, and tomorrow will again be new!"


today is new

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