Standing still and how it can move you forward!

Sonia pic trying to resizeDecember 19, 2020

As we approach the new cycle of 2021 curiosity is heightened or for some, there is fear in not knowing what to expect. Standing still can be an empowering action filled with the kind of momentum needed to skyrocket you into your next adventure. Standing still does require a deep level of trust in the process. Standing still doesn't mean not taking action but it is more about the thought process and one's perception. Standing still stops the wavering, the teeter tottering  from one speculation to another, the dance between uncertainties anchored by fear. 

To stand still is to enter a state of knowing that every next choice or every next step or path is going to be the ideal one for your personal growth.  Certainly being less rigid and limited in your acceptance of the range of possibilities before you is key.  Will you allow opportunities to come forth in your life? Opportunities that could be viewed as impossible? Everything is possible under the ideal conditions. The condition of your mind and what you believe is possible for yourself will make a tremendous difference. You are casting spells in your life through your thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions. 

Why you can 'hear' words inside your head - BBC,  By Andrea Moro

"Consider this simple question: what is language made of? Sure, language consists of words and rules of combination, but from the point of view of physics, it exists in two different physical spaces – outside our brain and inside it... When it lives outside our brain, it consists of mechanical, acoustic waves of compressed and rarefied molecules of air – ie sound. When it exists inside our brain, it consists of electric waves that are the channel of communication for neurons."

If we then consider the silent language of beliefs which often emerges as a language in our thoughts, words, that are "spells" we can more easily observe the manner in which we have governed our own lives. We are thinking all day and "spelling" thought thoughts and results arise based on the intensity of each thought. So perhaps standing still stops the random "spell casting" that often takes place in our lives leading us to certain choices and actions. We are here for the technology of magic and the magic of technology in this human game. Choosing to stand on a foundation of inner trust without wavering, this will interrupt the possibility of more weighted experiences and fear. It becomes a leap or teleportation directly to a stable; point or coordinates which bypass a theatre of stories that you would have otherwise encountered. 

Standing still center us in the NOW moment setting aside the idea of here and there. Our relationship with time is altered in those moments as all potential coordinates are then available without an interruption in signals. It’s the field of possibilities! Step into the magic of standing still as you move through the portal entering the cycle of 2021!

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