Upgrade to the biology and consciousness

(Despite how things may appear)

December 10, 2020

Sonia pic trying to resizeWe are at the end of this 2020 cycle and it has been a heck of a journey, a bumpy ride. Despite its tumultuous nature, this has been a year of opportunities, beginnings, and closures in many ways on a personal level for everyone. There is a level of order unfolding in each of our lives and order doesn't necessarily mean structure. But order can mean new patterns, new behavior, new thoughts. It can be a time to lift the ban that you may have placed on your growth. This is the perfect time to expand and to trust your inner instead of relying so heavily on external data that serves to support fear, uncertainty, and a distrust of self in making choices. 2020 has presented the "chaos of preparation" for the upgrade happening in our genes/DNA, our consciousness and yes everyone is being affected/impacted in some way. 

Some are leaving this version of reality as this is not for them. They have gone just as far as the limitations of their unique reality blueprint allows. Yes, the human being is moving through a silent but loud wave of expansion that only a few will see. Step out of the fear so that you will free yourself to "be ok". Know that you are ok, even if you test positive for COVID trust the entire process because your vehicle is designed to withstand shifts and changes. It is an adaptable system! There are no mistakes. You are taking yourself through all that is required for your specific journey. You must wake up and remember this! You are in "power" of your mission. Trust your inner knowing, breathe, and step away from the fear! 

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