When it all seems too unbelievable, So you work at complicating your existence!

Well, first of all, you can’t deny that you exist in some form or another otherwise you would not be reading this article in this moment. Complicating your existence is certainly a way to prove to yourself that you exist!  If you are at least able to acknowledge your existence even if only at this moment then you can certainly begin to entertain that there may be an entire procession of possibilities about the spark of consciousness that you are. It doesn’t have to be so complicated if one can embrace simple but obvious aspects of existence.

Another escape from self-discovery is to disqualify thoughts and ideas that suggest possibilities about reality unseen and unverified by the human mind. It’s a way out of diving in further for if we can give up and create confusion in our minds about the journey forward then we won’t have to aspire to discover more. Why because you have already written it off. It’s much easier to chastise oneself and others than it is to accept the existence of unknown and unencountered possibilities. You may write them off as “such awareness won’t happen for me” that’s just a way out and that is fine, but it really helps to recognize your escape plan that is in place, pulling you away from self-discovery.

Your journey will always be yours to do with it as you wish! There are no mistakes as every action you take will present exactly what is needed to support your limitations or your expansion. So what’s it going to be?

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