Our lives are often filled with absolutely incredible foolishness lol and often I evaluate myself with my foolishness meter lol just to see what foolishness I might be focused on, or what foolishness I have made a feature in my mind or beliefs. Our relationships with each other is a great foolishness generator as well lol. Its just amazing!

I have come to realize that Life really is about a lot of foolishness 🤣🤣 that we often build into disharmony and undue stress. Lets gain some perspective on the root of our individual foolishness and the importance we have placed on much of it. Blaming others just ads to the baggage of foolishness, tangling your mind and your feet.

There seem to be no end to the foolishness that we generate. So many emotional triggers and fall outs. Yes it is indeed the human journey but part of the journey is to realize much of this pointless foolishness. All the things that we take so seriously. When we can openly view this it really is hilarious, then it all wont seem quite so serious and catastrophic. There is always a series of deficits in our minds of what someone else isn't doing and should be doing lol and it just gets funnier. 

All of this is stored in our bodies, all that we cannot or wont let go of! If all of our foolishness went away there would be nothing to distract us from doing the great work of rediscovering the deeper inner path. Foolishness is a great distraction that leads us to stories that lead to painful behaviors as we inflect physical and emotional pain on each other not to mention what we inflect on ourselves! Its all survival! 

When people die away from our lives, there is often unspeakable sadness but what we really miss is all that made that person who they were. Own your foolishness so that you may see the bigger picture! There are soooo many possibilities tucked away behind our wall of foolishness! Take a deep breath and do it! You have nothing to lose but the weight of foolishness!


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