Today doesn't have to be yesterday- end the looping!

today is new 1


Today doesn't have to be yesterday, however we tend to keep looping familiar patterns, happy or sad, comfortable or uncomfortable. It is because we are hooked on the familiar why we often keep repeating the uncomfortable patterns in our lives! It is said in many ancient practices that sensations (feeling, emotions) rise and pass but when we become entangled in our reactions, the stage is set for emotional looping and all sorts of patterns associated with the reaction and response. 
The difficulty we face is in having the ability to simply observe so that these uncomfortable experiences will have no reason to hang around. We are the ones that determine the length of the ongoing engagement we ignite. Often it make takes some time before we are done with these adverse experience, emotions and people. 

In this game of life we chemically ignites the sensations we experience as good, or bad, happy or sad. The key requires that we to stand still in embrace of the moment, without chastisement, knowing that it will pass. The length of time that these frequencies may take to pass is up to us. Its an exercise in mastering mind and self. There is no time like the present to begin the exercise and discipline of  mastering self in this endless rising and passing of moments. 

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