The overwhelm of finding your place in this sea of information

Many will at some time in their life face a questioning of their purpose, their point of being

Some may feel the pressure of needing to do something that “matters”, something “purposeful”!

Of course much of this is a bit of a set up as much of this thinking can create a sense of disqualifying our lives.

For those wanting to impact humanity or go on the spiritual circuit to share and make your mark; there is overwhelm in embarking on such a quest as well!

So many protocols to follow, marketing yourself, getting out there and hoping to be seen in this sea of information coming from so many avenues!

We must slow it down, slowdown that thinking which is really just the intrusion of collective thinking and beliefs sneaking into our minds

We must stop and ask ourselves what it is that we really want

What outcome hangs out in your fantasy or imagination?

What feeling do you hope to have from the launch of this “purposeful” life that you long for?

What’s missing in your life?

What void are you aiming to fill?

If you suddenly surrendered to who you are in this moment and simply relax in the emptiness of your life or of who you are, would you feel free?

Could you then surrender the judgment of self?

This is what we must do

We must turn down the noise, perhaps shut off the noise and hear only what is coming from your own heart and intuitive senses

Turn off the harassment of not being enough, not doing enough and not having enough of anything!

Just allow yourself to be

Only then will you see the guidance that has always been there.

It doesn’t require external approval; it just requires that you see the truth of your personal reality

There is no one to please, there is only the truth of your perception and interpretation of yourself that either holds you back or moves your forward

Either way it’s your life!

So check in with yourself right now and see the truth of what will set you free, in this mirage called reality!

In love, Sonia

 This is the way by which I get through it all. I allow myself to feel the truth of those things that I want to do and those things that are a weight on my mind and my heart.

I am also aware that every workshop, retreat and talk that I do is always about my own evolution. Therefore I feel honored to share when I am asked. Did I always feel this way? No. I had to grow into this awareness. The world is a very competitive place in any aspect you can think of. So yes I have learned through some harsh lessons to check in with myself and to follow that lead and above all to trust the course that I am on!

Perhaps join us for the upcoming Emergence Retreat 2022!\
Wishing you inner freedom!

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