Who created the schedule for your life’s’ journey? Is it really in the hands of time?

This is a question that should be asked and contemplated!

Most people will argue that “time” is the scheduler

They will argue that time decides and that time determines your journeys distance

But time simply responds to our ignorance of its pliable nature

For most, their lives are on a schedule leading up to the anticipated final call

But does it have to be that way?

We know so little about our own design!

We are open to so little (even when we believe ourselves to be expansive)

What exactly do you tell yourself?

How much focused energy do you apply in planning your exit or expiration

How committed are you to surrendering your life force?

Do you set time limits on the length of your life?

What is it that animates your body?

What is this presence defined as this small “you” version?

What convenient explanations have you given yourself for this antiquated deconstruction of your body?

Whose truth program have we been running?

What is the great mystery to be discovered should we unlock ourselves?

What do you fear?

How closely do you cradle your baggage of regrets and woes?

Can you see that your entire existence has unimaginable purpose?

You, the projector of spectrums!

Perhaps there is fear of what to do with unlimited time!

Perhaps your life is being viewed through outdated filters?

And perhaps life around you keeps reaffirming outdated perspectives?

Do you feel guilty in thinking outside of the general, collective frame of reference?

Life is not at all what it seems

We must entertain possibilities that far exceed the common life stream program

Pinocchio did!

What if I said that perhaps you are not as alive as you may think!

What if truly being alive is about going beyond the cyclic programs of expiration?

How about truly acquiring the art of conscious trans-formation of the body vehicle?

Would you be open to ending the reboot and memory loss on this simulation wheel?

Could you live with that?

What if, like a video game, until you solve this piece of the puzzle you will simply keep rebooting here or somewhere else?

What if solving this missing piece is what leads us to plains and realms that we currently could not even imagine?

I encourage you to allow your mind to go beyond those human limitations that have been made our norm!

Life is really a big little thing that bends according to what we can accept as a possibility!

Shifting in this manner requires a profound level of work that far exceeds much of our confined, safe, comfortable and satisfying approach.

Perhaps the key is to never be satisfied with your growth, that’s what I have discovered. The power in never being satisfied with expanding!

But then again I know that I am here to crack the code, to unlock and to soar beyond mortal limitations!

Have a profound day acknowledging your limitless existence!


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Wishing you inner freedom!

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