It’s ok to feel blank from time to time

We are faced with so many protocols and expectations about how to “be” in our lives; always faced with needing to  reflect actions that ideally model acceptable behavior and feelings.

Although unrealized, in each moment we are faced with a powerful formula that often dictates the manner in which we process our feelings.  But since there is much that has been normalized, our acceptance and response to this formula flies under the radar of our immediate observation

There are moments when we are simply blank, we don’t know whether we are coming or going. We are simply blank about our next move or blank about the journey and all that you thought you knew.

There is nothing to fear when this happens; sometimes those blank moments are resets, just like the computer. You are not completely shut down but our ability to over plan or over process or become cemented in certainties or control, well it all just stops! It’s as if you ran out of ideas, strategies and stories. There are also times when it all just seems pointless. This is all ok!

Allow yourself these moments or reset!

Why are we so bothered when these blank moments occur? It’s because we fear losing this false sense of control that the automated self, strives to hold on to.

Allow yourself these moments of reset!

When I go blank, I let go so that I do not conjure up new stories in an attempt to ease my discomfort of feeling blank!

Just allow the emptiness of the moment, knowing that it will pass and since every moment holds value, remind yourself that this is a valuable moment!

For on the other side of this blank moment new ideas will come into view, solutions will show up, the worry will subside about a great many things when you trust the moment!

Allow yourself these moments of reset!

Take that inner mindless break and simply trust the power of the moment! Trust the power of the emptiness! Go blank, recharge and reset!

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Wishing you inner freedom!

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