“The drama of your dreamworld is so seductive”

Recently while watching the series Treadstone the following lines between the two characters; the Padre and Doug were just spot on:

“The drama of your dreamworld (pause by the Padre) is so seductive”

“I want to wake up!” Doug replies

That’s precisely what we each deal with from one moment to the next! Just pause for a moment as you read the first line “The drama of your dreamworld is so seductive”

Once you focus on that statement the awareness of your own dramas become even more apparent.

All the mental activities and over processing of data, emotions, and feelings followed by lots of reactive thoughts, yes that’s what we do.

In those brief moments of clarity we can see that it’s all made up. It becomes easier to see the paradox and within that moment of awareness and clarity we may disengage from the story and the drama of it.

It’s our moment to reset the mind and the stories.

Sometimes that’s all it takes is one or two words that trigger just enough to snap us out of the hypnosis of the dream if only for a moment.

When this happens we must take full advantage of those moments so that we may increase the frequency of breaking the spell.

The character Doug in Treadstone says “I want to wake up” yes that’s what most of us want but the seductive nature of our personal dream world over takes us time and time again.

However today recognize the drama of your dream world

Recognize the seduction of your dream world

Recognize the moments of clarity

Recognize the spell overtaking you and interrupt it by focusing on the clarity of the moment

To see the dramas so clearly neutralizes the power of the stories and so they begin to fall apart

Without your emotional investment in each and every drama there is no life force or power to sustain their existence at least not in that form

So say to yourself “I want to wake up”

And when that moment of clarity happens, then say to yourself “I am awake”

Devise your own protocols to reel yourself back in, your will is your power!
Transform the day!

In love, Sonia

 I constantly increase my tools for extracting myself from these pockets of stories. Its all powerful and exciting at the same time. Life is a course, we study for it a bit differently however we are always engaged in our studies. I find that being in a state of awareness to this spell is my beacon as I gather even more information about this amazing technology we call life! 

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Wishing you inner freedom!

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