Interrupting the interruptions

interrupting the interruptions

Interruptions are diverse and specific according to what we wish to avoid or delay

Interruptions are a partner to procrastination

Interruptions allow for excuses that validate our delay in taking action

We are experts at spell casting in attracting the ideal interruptions

However there comes a point where this should be realized or acknowledged

It then presents an opportunity to interrupt the spell of interruptions as our normal

We often find that we are frustrated with our delay in follow through, completion and achievements

But if truth be told deep down we are often the saboteur in the delay of the experiences we dream of

Excuses shape the interruptions

Internal growth, particularly of the metaphysical kind requires commitment and a deep desire for profound awareness, which will result in the thing we fear and that is the experiencing of change!  

We fear the journey to deep change

We fear the natural and normal transformation which requires work (work in this sense is simply focused intent)

Focused intent is often met with old habits that are tied to our limiting programs

So we conjure up interrupters; excuses

Many wrap themselves in fear of everything

Fear is a powerful disrupter and interrupter; it can also be your opportunity

So how do you interrupt the interruptions? Well by observing the following:

What are your interruptions?

Do you notice a pattern of interruptions as you aim to soar higher?

These interruptions are your excuses

  • What achievements are you afraid of?
  • What are those desires that you are constantly putting off?
  • Whose reaction or response do you fear and why?
  • Are you ready to interrupt the interruptions!

Facing ourselves in a truthful way will interrupt the fear and the old patterns of excuses

There is no time like the present to begin, for tomorrow is always this moment. Tomorrow is always NOW!

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