Do you truly believe that you control your fate?

Or is this just mental lip service?

What does it really mean to control your fate?

This is the question that one should ask

Because of the tricky nature of the mind and all of our safety mechanisms and personal lies, more than likely we have created a framework of limitations establishing the degree to which we will control our fate

We spend much of our unconscious thinking finding ways to protect our egos and feelings,

This includes not hurting our own feelings with too much self-truth

So yes we create a framework of limitations to protect us from seeing too deeply within our own self

However we give ourselves permission to see the limitations in others

To say that we control our fate is such a highly charged concept that we often run from it.

What is this charge? It is vibrational

It is a powerful field crescendoing our consciousness

This of course explains why it’s easier to give the more significant part of our power away to someone else

We fear our power

There is less responsibility and self-blame

It’s a safer approach

Sure we will take some of the responsibility but not all of it

So taking ownership of our own fate requires complete acceptance and ownership of every action!

Are you ready to take that on?

This is the question

Are you ready to take responsibility for your own physical and mental decline?

Your fate is not just about this conscious life but it’s also about the data and history within your DNA; within your being from times past

Can we acknowledge, accept, alter, deconstruct outdated data and reconstruct the biology with updated relevant data? Are you willing to put in the work?

Will you acknowledge the stories that you keep telling yourself and everyone else?

If you cannot then NO you do not control your fate

Or will you continue to run the same ancestral historic programs and patterns, from beliefs to body codes (health)?

How do you treat your own body and mind?

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Is there a vibrant being looking back?

Vibrancy will always shine through when deep down we own our fate

For it is that deep knowingness of one’s fate that will in time change the very biology

With the ownership of one’s fate, fear no longer controls our mortality

We begin to live from a much deeper state of power

We begin to be masters of this vital life force within us

This is our destiny…but only when we are in acceptance of this possibility!

We have always been free!

The fact is that we are always controlling our fate even in the act of non acknowledgment)

So Step forward in power, in knowingness and in ownership of self!

(Should you choose to)

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