You have the power to change the chemical messages in your brain!


As a way to drive this reminder home below is an article excerpt from “Ask a ScientistNeurons help explain how our brains think by Lina Begdache

Since we often lose sight of how much we do control our reality, through thoughts, beliefs and perception, this reminder is intended to bring us back to a reset in thinking.

“The brain is primarily composed of neurons, which are cells that generate electrical impulses for communication. It is estimated that the human brain has close to 100 billion neurons.

Neurons release brain chemicals, known as neurotransmitters, which generate these electrical signals in neighboring neurons. The electrical signals propagate like a wave to thousands of neurons, which leads to thought formation.

One theory explains that thoughts are generated when neurons fire. Our external environment (such as home, relationships, media, etc.) leads to a pattern of neuron firing, which results in a thought process. A continuous pattern of neuronal firing reinforces the circuitry. This means that if we are put in the same situation twice, the firing of our neurons is going to be similar and reinforced. This is why people tend to react the same way to similar situations: because neurons, which are part of the circuit responsible for this response, fire robustly.

This is interesting, as this means that shifting from negative to positive thoughts or trying to change an attitude is possible. Monitoring a thought or an attitude will cause a change in the firing pattern of neurons, which eventually leads to a new behavior.”

It’s time to change the old programs that you may be wired to!



There are certain days where I may feel extra sucked into a feeling or though process that may be more draining of my energy. I then realize that I must step back, stop and give this moment worthy attention, because there is a message here. My attention is being pulled to notice perhaps some old programs, old patterns rising to the surface. Since the intention of my journey is to unveil myself for endless expansion then its necessary that I see these interrupters within my own mind. 

My body needs the ideal chemical messages. So what messages are being delivered by these neurons and all neurotransmitters.? This all impacts the ageing of my body. My body is essential for the timeless mission of my journey in peeling away  the layers to every next level of consciousness. So this understanding is what I share with those who are interested in going beyond the outdated concepts of life and expiration. There is only life, however how you interpret your existence is the data that your body will convey to every cell in the body system!   


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Wishing you inner freedom!

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