A higher state of consciousness, what does it mean?

Higher states of consciousness involves gradual shifts beyond thoughts and reactions that are the true anchors to lower frequency fields in this 3d experience

Our emotions are heavily tied to reactions of survival

Emotions are a necessary component in the technology of reality, eliciting  interactions and reactions

Learning to regulate this electrochemical technology is a major key (but not through avoidance)

Our filters in viewing each other and ourselves clearly reflects the nature of our core survival patterns

We evaluate ourselves by methods of comparison

Our comparison driven lives show the significance and the power of relationships between all humans

Relationships allow for an interactive experience which triggers reactions

Much of this behavior is subtle enough for some to elicit denial, for others it’s just plain old denial

Jealousy, envy, destructive competition, fear of each other, self-sabotage, feeling less than, feeling purposeless, constant states of lack, greed, excess craving, lack of value/worth of self and others, worthlessness of self and others, categorization of self and others, spiritual superiority, denial of limiting patterns, suppression of emotions and feelings, polarizing life as good or bad, the desire to escape life, avoidance and so many other anchors.

To acknowledge just one may release many

These lower fields of the 3d experience is not good or bad it simply is

It is simply the experience of your personal experiment

We experiment with various fields that’s all, that’s why we are here (wherever here is)

And when we are through with different levels of the experience/experiment we shift to higher ground (not as in good or bad but as in the measurable frequency or vibration of the field)

Consciousness shifts fields

Depression is the brains request for optimization

Since the brain is the interface system between spaces (coordinates) it responds to the language of our perception

An optimized brain is more available for new perspectives which will create new neural pathways

New neural pathways reflects new ideas, new paths of possibilities

We then continuously shift the fields that we are engaged in

Consciousness expands to higher levels of awareness and fields

No field is less or greater, simply reflective of different levels of expansion

We give permission for these shifts through the expansiveness of our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions

The field that you are currently playing in is by your own design

The fields of reality simply respond to the consciousness that is operating through these 3d interactive systems called a body!

Nature is driving us all to higher states of consciousness, according to those who are open for more optimum levels of expansion

Self-truth through self-observation leads the way forward

Can you see yourself, are you willing to?  




Am I completely there? NO! But I am working on it. My awareness of my own reactions and responses show me much about myself. I don't want to hide from myself as the removal of these veils allow me greater memory.  Clarity offers new levels of inner freedom. I am, I simply am! 

Perhaps join us for the upcoming Emergence Retreat 2022!

The Reprogramming Experiment Series
08/13/2021 to 08/16/2021

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