In this moment you are creating tomorrow and next week!

Believe it or not you are in charge of how each day unfolds specifically for you

In this moment you are creating tomorrow and next week!

So when things occur in our lives we seldom put two and two together about previous thoughts or actions.

It’s a crazy game!

The field: energy, chi, source etc. (whatever we choose to call it) responds according to our demands and commands

Demands and commands are initiated by core beliefs, thoughts and actions

Others enter our fields and support our stories

Perhaps you are running the stories of your family/bloodline/ancestors

We get lost in the external battle whereby surrendering our power and will

The current paradigm is one of separating the wheat from the chaff (neither is good or bad)

Each simply represents the evolutionary progression of the species taking place

Which way will you go?

Fear is the great Trojan horse triggering the truth of our fears and where we truly stand in our core beliefs

DEFINE TROJAN HORSE (in the digital world) “A malicious computer program that tricks users into willingly running it is also called a "Trojan horse" or simply a "Trojan".

We are in the eye of a spiritual storm (changes in the virtual system of the reality network)

You are personally a unique stream of data in the network (believe it or not)

It is a grand opportunity to remember your inner power

What will you chose? Or perhaps you have already chosen

What is your truth in/on this life’s journey?

First thing…stop harassing and terrorizing yourself

Pull yourself back from the noise, get centered

Act upon change as you feel lead to both personally and politically

But most of all recognize that you are in a peak level of the game of reality at this moment in time as we understand time to be!

Regain focus and be aware of the moments when you are sweeting the small stuff!

Embark on a form of meditation that works for you, breathing, walking, sitting in focus, being present, energy practice etc.

Who will you be on the other side of this because it will pass?

You are in charge!

Get off of autopilot!

Life is a pliable experience which means that you can change your mind about your personal outcome!

You choose!




Yes the noise pulls you in. I take action that is in alignment with my truth. The actions I choose to take during this upheaval is never an inconvenience if it supports my truth and my stance. Its up to each of us to determine the strength of our stance and what we do moving forward. 


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UPCOMING WORKSHOP - September 18th 
Understanding consciousness and the global system:
The Matrix of a country, state, city or town
A game of founders, governments, rules, contracts and agreements

Wishing you inner freedom!

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