Does the land/space matter where you dream reality?

The governing of the land mass and its various divisions of space/land territory is of relevance to your static or changing story. Your perception of spirituality is also influenced by the ground you stand on. The design and structure of the systems in place for the experiencing of reality is intricate, but in a way that is so inconspicuous that we notice very little of how it cocoons our lives. What we often notice are the outer more obvious designs where by the deep influence of founders, the architects of these spaces go unnoticed. How is your house/home or body connected to this network? Why do you live where you do at this time? 

This global system and the expansion of our consciousness is a profound wheel that continues to cycle through round and round until you, me, the individual hacks the game. But this level of hacking ultimately must happen individually! What an amazing ocean of possibilities! 
We may believe that it matters very little,  the land or space upon which we dream this dream of being alive, but it does support the foundation of the journey! It is the very reason why we move from place to place, some more frequently than others. Some stand still and never move! But either way they are receiving the support required from that space!  We must stretch our minds beyond narrow perspectives of what it means to me "spiritual" or "conscious". A great master can only become great or awakened to their greatness when these tiny perceptual boxes are freely dissolved. 
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