10 Essential tips for hacking your life and making it internally bigger!


  1. Commitment to self
  2. Allow yourself to see your vulnerabilities
  3. Establish a mind focus practice (walking or stationary meditation of sorts)
  4. Be flexible with your own inner changes
  5. Don’t compare yourself to others
  6. See your entire life, past/present/future as purposeful
  7. Connect more deeply with nature
  8. Have the courage to transcend anguish
  9. Take a deep breath and inhale a bigger life
  10. Discipline (a ritual of practice even for an hour a day)

Sonia BarrettIn embarking on a deeper journey of discovery of self and reality as a whole, commitment is most essential. Without your commitment to this desire, there is very little permission given for profound expansion. We then leave ourselves open to much wavering.  We teetertotter between perceptions of  time which we evaluate as convenient or inconvenient for spiritual/inner growth/movement. 

But when we are truly committed we then realize that the journey is a moment to moment growth experience. So in other words every moment counts. Every moment has merit requiring awareness and acknowledgment. This requires the practice of being more present and available to your personality/character/automated self and the choices which derive from these aspects of you. 

While there is truly nothing to do, in order to truly function from that space one must first be willing to "do" as indicated in these 10 steps. Why? because we are so easily distracted. Distractions greatly matter when one desires to hack self and embark on a bigger version of possibilities. Otherwise simply saying that "there is nothing to do" can become just lip service and it gives permission to stagnation. You then run around saying that you are "stuck"

Expansion only seems like work because we run into our personal and collective programs which are like steel walls. It seems much easier to leave things as is than to aim to penetrate these perceived blocks. 

In the end what we seek is freedom from the restrictions of the world of matter. Restrictions that are driven by the outer systems governed by rule makers in the matrix and beyond that. But each of us has the skills, the opportunity and the right to be fully as we already are as our unlimited self. 

Lets each engage in an internally bigger world! There is no time like the present because there is "no time" 




I certainly feel a sense of having entered this life committed to going beyond what the game aims to reflect to each of us. To burrow through the protocols of reality as presented to us day and night is no small  feat! For since everything and everyone around you holds fast and true to the projected collective dream for humanity, one is forced to stand stead fast in a deeper knowing even if you stand alone. 

I learned that the idea of being alone is just that an idea for when you are committed to dissolving the limiting version of reality being sold, in time you will encounter others. But in the meanwhile stay the course! 

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UPCOMING WORKSHOP - September 18th 
Understanding consciousness and the global system:
The Matrix of a country, state, city or town
A game of founders, governments, rules, contracts and agreements

Wishing you inner freedom!

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