Time to Eliminate!

It’s time to take a review of things, projects, people, and old business or career models and eliminate what no longer works. Time to close out perhaps what has never worked but has been just dead weight!

Make way for a new path, a new way that will produce the desired results. Get out of your way! Change the way you labor, both spiritually and physically! 

Today I will be doing just that! So with that said for those who no long wish to receive these emails you are absolutely welcome to unsubscribe as a matter of fact I insist!  It is my desire to share and engage with those who are interested! 

I encourage everyone to eliminate at least one unnecessary "thing/person" today! This also includes eliminating outdated beliefs and thinking!  

I am just getting started on my elimination quest today lol. I will inform others as applicable! Time to free up more mind space! 

Please feel free to share with me what you have eliminated! This is a moment of truth! 

This elimination process is much like the TV networks when they cancel shows lol sometimes you just cant understand why they canceled your favorite show, well for the network its no longer serving their purpose whatever that may be. Clear, clear, clear! Get lighter, get lighter, get lighter! 

Next incorporate new possibilities and keep it moving! 

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