NOW is always the time for whatever action you choose

NOW is always the time for whatever action you choose to take in this moment for that is all you have; is NOW!

NOW also stands for a New Ordered World, so in your NOW you are bringing order to your personal world; your personal reality.

Embarking on a New Ordered World doesn’t have to be seen solely as an external change but rather an internal order of transformation

What is the new order that you are bringing to your life at this time?

What new insights will you allow in this moment?

You have already WON the greatest gift which is your existence as pure expression!  You are a life stream of expression, of imagination!

The experiencing of life as a human is a moment to moment wonder as every new moment is an expression of a potentiality of the immeasurable NOW.

We fill the cauldron of our minds with our stories that course through this 24 hour paradox. Concepts of time that is a simultaneous experience; existing but not.

Our stories are given life through the malleable nature of time which is really all happening in the NOW (just different versions of NOW).

You may be pondering dilemmas to be solved and actions to be taken perhaps in your version of tomorrow or next week or next year. However whenever it is that you take action it will be in the NOW that is relevant to the required outcome.

The required outcome doesn’t necessarily mean your desired outcome, but rather the outcome that aligns with one’s core beliefs, perceptions and subconscious truths.

The outcome will be your indicator!

With having such realizations one should be inspired to take this NOW moment and to examine your true thoughts and fears that may either support or interrupt the desired outcome.

“Ultimately, all moments are really one, therefore now is an eternity.”
― David Bohm

Get up, shake off defeat, dust yourself off and RISE UP in the eternity of NOW and do your thing! NOW is your most important adventure!




This is what I offer myself, endless rising! Sure I have days where I must dust myself off while recognizing that the dust I shake off is an illusion for I am truly unscathed, but perhaps only caught in the illusion of my own stories.It is all the human game and I journey through, remembering, decoding and transforming along the way! What an incredible journey! 

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