Real Talk-When the journey seems to lack meaning

Everyone faces this moment, some more often than others

Meaning is often about reason, purpose and value

This lack of meaning generally creates a crumbling effect as we often live a prescribed life

What does it mean to live a prescribed life? It’s a life designed by subtle inferences, suggestions, protocols and incentives

We then function more robotically than we would care to admit or to acknowledge

It is because of this overlay design that the blank slate aspect of ourselves begin to pop through

That part of us that naturally want a turn, to paint the unknown on the canvas of life

It wants to see what it can authentically be unapologetically

It wants to be free to explore beyond its preset boundaries

So we deeply seek meaning

However we restrict ourselves according to religious, spiritual, cultural, social, economic status and academic boundaries  

That shadow self will ultimately force its way out

At times when it does, it shows up in the form of what we define as a state of “insanity”, depression or mental instability

Even then we are in hiding from ourselves

Experiencing the lack of meaning is your cue to dive more deeply into the question of “who am I”

It’s then time to I-merge

Exploring “meaning” presents an opportunity for the integration of both worlds, the one of the robot/automated self and the one of fluid consciousness beyond form

We must be willing to be uncomfortable in surrendering to the feeling of meaninglessness

We must be willing to allow the outdated filters to dissolve

While we are in this state of surrender, know that the platform on which you stand is one of trust and openness for the unknown new version of reality that will rise up

“I die daily” there is truth to that, for surrendering can very much feel like a death, but like the phoenix you will rise!

The message here is to allow your moments of meaninglessness but with an understanding of the potential gift of change being ushered in

It is then no longer about the comfort and safety of that which is known and repeated with certainty

But it can be about new discoveries that the grander part of you is ready to give way to

You are waiting for permission from yourself, so give permission for this expansion that will take you into levels of greater meaning!

It is why you exist; for endless and bottomless exploration

Meaning is not out there, yet as a paradox it is

For out there reflects a response to our questions and to the evidence we seek in affirming our existence (at least the robot self)

The external also reflects the handy work of our expansive consciousness for none of it would exist without its support

You are the ultimate meaning, as a human, as greater essence, as source, as imagination, as form, as formlessness, as the cosmos and as unimaginable forms of life!

So this moment of meaninglessness may very well be the most magical time in your life as you may now paint freely upon the canvas of life by stepping outside of illusory boundaries

Meaning – who are you?




I have always had a passion for this life! I love being part of it but that has not stopped me from experiencing those moments of pondering all that I do. There are times when I have asked myself what is my point in sharing or doing any of it, but what I have discovered is the power of those moments. As those moments wash over me I am stripped of my ego, of my value to others if any, I am forced to come face to face with my nothingness yet its my everythingness .

I am stripped down and mentally cleansed although often uncomfortable. I am reminded of the beautiful dance between us, this exchange that happens. We interchange as student and teacher, novice and expert, fragmentation and wholeness, limitations and freedom of mind and of being. and like the phoenix I always rise from the ashes more ready than ever to dive even deeper! 

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