Everything that you are doing is working

Yes I said it; everything that you are doing is working

A common mantra is that “nothing is working”

But it is! We might be disenchanted with the life that we are experiencing but by our own doing it’s all working!

Everything is working as evidenced in the way that your life is currently unfolding

This understanding makes clear the impact of perception

We tend to scrutinize and categorize our experiences as good or bad, which makes clear the manner in which the events of our life is being perceived

The way that we perceive things determines our reactions

This realization then highlights the power of objective observation, as we struggle to observe without judgment

To observe our lives without these polarized judgments is not based on a moral dilemma; instead it is about the scientific implications

The judgments we apply to the observation of our lives set the tone for every next moment to be lived, to be experienced.

It’s good, it’s bad, its right, its wrong sends us on a tail spin in the pool of prescribed and approved behavior  

Our actions should never need approval for it is clear that we “act” according to the need within us to be fed

We feed our traumas, our fears, our insecurities, our denials and so on

As we face these hidden energy patterns there will be less need to feed them, hence morality scales are no longer essential as packaged morality doesn’t really address core issues

Packaged morality simply provides psychological boundaries that help to tame, bury and restrict tucked away patterns/behaviors that are waiting to be transformed and to be freed from both the body and the mind

It is why ancient practices have emphasized the importance of seeing things as they are and not as you would like them to be. To do otherwise is to be in a state of judgment which shows up as the craving and the aversion within us.

Our ability to see the magic of the experience unfolding before us is then interrupted by our focus on “lack”

There is a constant craving which means that we live in a mindset of constant lack

We are never enough, our lives are never enough, yet this kind of craving is an insatiable one as craving and lack are normal and common behaviors for most

How can we change this?

We must first observe the harassment of lack that we impose on our own lives

What does gratitude really mean?

Why is gratitude important? What is the science of gratitude? Gratitude is often exercised in the most basic mindset and interpretation. We say that we are in gratitude because it sounds good!

But gratitude simply indicates our acceptance of the moment and what it has to offer and not simply because we received what we felt lacking in our lives

It is about full acceptance of every next move you make, gratitude is about the unwavering trust that you have in every next experience

Gratitude affirms the trust we have for that inner power and navigation

How do you perceive your life at this time, what labels have you placed on your life?

How much energy have you tied up in holding in place your perceived deficits in spirit, mind and body?

So yes everything that you are doing is working!

The question is… what exactly are you doing?


Yes its all working in my world so with that said there are changes that I must now make. I must notice any emotional weight that adds up to any feelings that something is missing.  I must see the source of my focus particularly on points of lack. Where is it coming from? What is the message that it has for me? I want to see it all so that I may use it as rocket fuel! 

This work is ongoing but clearing automatically refuels the body and mind!  Hope you feel compelled to do the same! 






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