The difference between longevity and timelessness

Most are hanging out in the idea of longevity; sure it does provide a sense of personal evolution.

But longevity is really a quantifying concept. It asserts the idea that you could live a long time, this is a quantifying concept. However it is a comforting concept based on good healthy living. But timelessness doesn’t involve quantifying the cycles of one’s life.  Timelessness is the journey of true alchemy.  Timelessness allows for alchemically peeling our way beyond our gravity driven cellular programs. We hack the core science and pattern of the human game at the atomic level. (We interrupt the cyclical spell) Being superhuman is our normal. Our superhuman abilities have actually allowed us to remain in this deep spell. We achieved what the spell was intended for.

This isn’t science fiction. However many live in a state of mind of impossibility and weariness of the human game. You look at yourself in the mirror and see that gravity and time seem to be winning and so this all begins to sound impossible and maybe foolishness. Perhaps this is not for you in this life but you may very well come back in a new cycle of life armed with intent to move through the ultimate level of the human game. Hacking the human game simply opens our bodies and minds to potentialities beyond these primitive human programs and beliefs.  This moment in our world is triggering these programs, it actuality this push is giving us the opportunity to examine the nature of our programs and choose a different path.

We are spellbound to a very limiting version of the human experience and we will defend it to our own demise. There is indeed much work involved in taking the journey through the alchemical level of the human game. Most will play just on the fringe of expansion, just enough to convince ourselves of our evolution. The question I ask is what then is the point, if we do not push through to the other side of human possibilities. To live in the notion of ascension is filled with comforting perspectives, just enough to establish a sense of doing the work. Much of the ascension being referred to is one based on a collective evolution, a default upgrade by nature.

There are other versions of human reality which have become more mythological and out of this world worshiping of deities. These are simply ways to avoid the personal journey as it is indeed a haul. There is a point where the individual must awaken to the game of blocked memory and of playing small. All very necessary experiences but for some the moment is now to wake up from a tinier version of being human. COME JOIN US IF YOU FEEL THAT PULL!    

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