The technology of mind - the science of the season

the technology of mind

The mind is such an incredible tool for weaving imagination of all magnitudes. It takes over in its reaction and response to the external environment often leaving us caught in a vicious cycle of repeating patterns of discomfort.

A cleaver device it is however there is a more elevated level of mind that has the power to interject and subdue the imagination, saving us from ourselves. Tap into that aspect of mind, this technology that is able to bend time and space at will. In this moment what is your magic wand creating, what stories are being brought into view.

Despite our views or interpretation of this Christmas/holiday season, it represents both an obvious and hidden magic simultaneously. We must go beyond the surface always to extract the gems. The cosmic cycles operate in concert with the simulations design for the human experience. However  we are programmed to minimally see behind the curtain; the networks wiring, but instead we are conditioned to react and respond in a way that disallows access to these finer and subtler entrance points down the rabbit hole. 

The act of giving and expressions of love and joy during this season has layers of scientific components to it; a lock and key effect when understood at more expansive levels of awareness.  These emotions are the technology during this season and planetary cycle, that when embraced beyond its commercial and religious value, we can access and activate more profound levels of the brain in conjunction with mind. 

When we shift into (often short lived) moments of falling in love with the game, we then allow the technology of "love" to interrupt the emotional swing which keeps us in lower frequencies of the human game. Although this technology during this season can also be the vehicle used to enhance the trance effect over the collective. The more open and aware we allow ourselves to be, we are then elevated from the imposition of such mass trance  frequencies being broadcast.

See the season differently. Be the code breaker so that you may see even deeper down the rabbit hole as we enter the new cycle of 2022. Reality is an imagined experience that is happening in multiple versions and possibilities. 

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