Entering the stillness of mind and the electromagnetic spectrum

stillness of mind 2
Entering the stillness! 

To examine without prejudice the truth about the last time that you actually entered the stillness of your mind is essential. The peace and the resolutions we seek can be found there.  Although this seems like such a simple task often we encounter difficulties in entering that still space. We are often pulled by our habitual overthinking and attraction to the outward games of our life and resistance is then a struggle.  We are addicts of reality (whatever ones perception of personal reality may be)

This is however the journey. But as we enter a new cycle of the spinning wheel of earth time, let us consciously set aside a personal day or even a few hours to sit in solitude unafraid of ourselves, unafraid of our minds! This is your opportunity to have an unobstructed imagination that much like the transformation of the caterpillar to the butterfly your new dream for 2022 will become evident.

Our dreams (desires/wishes) undergo stages in the invisible realm as preparation for becoming crystalized (taking form). It makes its way through the electromagnetic spectrum; the spectrum comprised of the frequencies of color, light and sound.  Eventually it takes form as appropriate to the dreams atomic structure. That’s the simple science! That still space of mind disallows for the disruption of doubt and fear as you are then in an objective state of being. You are simply present to the moment of that state of stillness.

It truly is the state of NOW for that is the foundation from which all springs forth! You can always get back to your stories but just for a moment step into that holy (place of wholeness) place/space in your infinite mind!

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