When change shows up

How will you judge it or will you judge it

Will you welcome it?

Will you fear it?

Will you trust it?

How will you greet it?

Are you ready for it?

Will you walk right into it?

Will you simply trust the unknown?

Will you recognize?:

  • Your own creation
  • Your own choices
  • Your own requests
  • Your own desires
  • Your imagined outcome

Change is always showing up but often it never appears as imagined. Change comes in many disguises and so we may best prepare to embark on the journey of change by using these insights; by asking ourselves these questions when the unplanned happens or when well laid out plans deviate.  We may then become more available observers of our lives. Perhaps we may experience a deeper sense of trust knowing that the steps of that moment are ultimately leading you into a more expansive future.  Change is about change!

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