We treat our lives as if our experiences are random

We live our lives through a series of rolling moments yet it’s just one on going moment. It becomes even more fascinating when we recognize the paradox of it all, for the moment happened but it didn’t. The degree to which we focus (on an experience) fluctuates from one experience to the other as they flow through these moments; most of these experiences are processed as a random series of events. This is evident when we often find ourselves shocked at the outcome of personal experiences or news received.

But should we take a closer look at each outcome the evidence of the influence of old or new choices is clear. The choices we’ve made along the way continue to determine the manner in which each moment plays out for us. Choice after choice, yet choices are rooted in many background running programs. Yesterday I did an interview with Dr. Clotiere Rapaille, Psychologist and Author of The Culture Code. I invited him for an interview because of his perspectives on death not being a random event. Dr. Rapaille had appeared in my documentary The Business of Disease where he had mentioned this concept. I finally had an opportunity to dive into this notion further with him. All that he said was incredibly confirming of many concepts I have shared over the years. He expressed that even death is a choice and how people actually set themselves up for their own death. Throughout their live they have been cementing this choice in many different ways without realizing it. It’s quite interesting but it is absolutely what we do as humans.

Because randomness is such an easy go to (even without a conscious perception of things being random we cleverly dismiss the trail that lead to that moment) When our lives unfold in certain ways we feel shocked or in disbelief not recognizing the rules of our game woven into our choices. Even before being alive in these bodies. People even expire on dates of choice! There is no one outside of us pulling the strings other than the ignorance/programming/conditioning that we may have been exposed to and the ongoing reinforcement of it all. The science of human existence and what we are beyond these bodies must always be kept in curious thought in order to allow for deeper insight into ones journey of choices.

To remove the silent belief we hold of the randomness of our lives is to clear the way to making different choices.

This is just food for thought as you now examine the life that you are living in this very moment. What an incredible paradox!

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