The importance of focusing on ourselves! 

Nurturing one’s self is so essential. Change can only happen when we focus on the nurturing of ourselves. Often our focus is based on automated behavior; daily patterns of surface attention to ourselves.

There is much focus on what is lacking in one’s body or in one’s life over all. Guilt can often be associated with self-care or self-nurturing especially when we are accustomed to caring for others. How can you recharge and replenish in order to continue to care for others if one doesn't put into effect these "self-ish" moments? 

This is a great disservice to ourselves as the field around us will begin to reflect this imbalance. You begin to hit your elbows, knee, head, toe, arms and an assortment of reactions begins to happen as a result of this imbalance. Things may even begin to break around you even your car. The fact of the matter is that you are at the center of your world. The world does revolve around you!

When we focus on ourselves in a healthy manner we begin to rebuild our resilience, we feel more empowered, competent and confident. We build inner trust and inner strength. We strengthen our inner connection. We expand our consciousness. We can begin to dive deeper into our magic! 

So today yes take that moment and perhaps make it a habit to do so daily! Perhaps you may need to get up a bit earlier; perhaps you may need to take a 5 minute nurture break at work. Sometimes just rubbing your hands down your body from head to toe in a nurturing and present manner releases endorphins as the brain then produces Oxytocin! The hugging drug! 

“Oxytocin boosts our immune systems, makes us better problem solvers and makes us more resistant to the addictive qualities of dopamine. Unlike dopamine, which is largely responsible for instant gratification, oxytocin gives us lasting feelings of calm and safety.”1 
(Sinek, S. (2014). Leaders eat last: Why some teams pull together and others don't. New York: Penguin Group.)

The technology of mind and body wants to work optimally in this great network called reality, but in order to do so you must be present otherwise our lives will robotically move along the automated path of nature (nature takes it course) Decisions seem to get made for you about the unfolding of one’s life. But the fact of the matter is that perhaps you are absent from the driver’s seat as ones focus is heavily external. 

There truly is but one life but not in the way that many believe. There is one life as there is no beginning or end as it is woven into unlimited potentialities and perhaps ones focus is centered only on finite perspectives. 

However when one allows for the nurturing of self and begin connecting on a deep level, we will have authorized the unlocking of ourselves. The password to yourself becomes available organically and doors open because you are open! 

Become endlessly more because you can! You are the life-force streaming through all of life! You are the master force! 

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