You are happening to life - a practical science


Sonia BarrettThe general perception held by most is that life is happening to them but should we change perspectives we will find that we are happening to life. We are the definers of  life as we act upon life. From imagination to action we breathe into life; we give it breath.  To reverse this idea of helplessness is to re-engage personal power and ownership of ones journey beyond all concepts of time and space. It is the return of our super-natural state of being.

These are not just words, but a practical science for those who are able to penetrate outdated filters through which they view life. We are the fleshy version of the “higher power” we seek. We experience this malleable paradox (real and unreal, of time and timelessness, of good and bad, of light and dark, of wave and particle) with certainty and fixed views and in response life answers back according to the command of such fixed views. This feedback loop engages our minds in a way that continues to loop a very stuck feeling. Life is then seen as Russian roulette, a series of random outcomes over which we have no control. This is quite the opposite as there are no random responses. Every engagement and act upon life emerges from core conditions of the mind and subconscious mind. 

The technology of life is simple yet complex. Ask yourself the question “how am I happening to life?” If we are able to objectively step back and observe our multidimensional responses, we will see the keys to the change we seek. To admit ownership of your exploration and experiment upon life will establish a sense of freedom. All aspects of lack such as worry and uncertainty and depletions in love and life are rooted in our stories and those stories are often rooted in helplessness. They are often rooted in victimization which from ones perspective is random, bad luck or just referred to as the story of your life.

But since we began happening to life long before this conscious life, it means that the origin of our stories began before now. As a result we enter into families, conditions and environments resulting from our ongoing happening to life. As this reality simulation churns a unique evolution by triggering division and fear, a potential revolution is also possible in each human.

Definition of Revolution: (1) a sudden, radical, or complete change

(2)  A fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something

(3) A change of paradigm

This kind of personal revolution when supported by an understanding that “you are happening to life”: can catapult us into great heights of awareness and possibilities. This moment in our game calls for a conscious and present choice in the direction we will take. Our choices are powered by the depth of our individual understanding. A more shallow understanding will always feel as if you have no choice and that someone else is choosing for you, such thinking is based on the perspective that life is happening to us. Since life is not a series of random choices but a result of stories past and present, they determine every next encounter.

We function in a state of cosmic amnesia which is reinforced by fear and feelings of vulnerability in this life. This state of amnesia causes a hunger and desperation to be saved by someone or something. We want to be spared from our worry, anguish, uncertainties, heartache, vulnerabilities and the mortal state of our bodies. Again these feelings are rooted in our belief that life is happening to us. Yet we can arrive at freedom, power, self-awareness and a limitless mind when we realize with certainty that they are all inherently who/what we are. At this time in the human experience we are faced with different levels of assimilation in the game.  However we may walk through this battle of fire that is consuming our intellect, bodies and spirits once we anchor the truth that we are happening to life.


Take a moment to center yourself

  • Feel the presence of both the inside and outside of your body
  • Feel the presence of the essence of self, breathing throughout the body, the breath of life
  • Feel nothing else but this moment and be present for it
  • Say to yourself “I am experiencing the paradox of real and illusion and of substance that is no substance
  • And as you focus on the paradox , bring to the forefront of your mind a current situation, see it in your mind’s eye, place it in the center of the paradox of being simultaneously real an illusion
  • Release conclusions of good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative and simply breathe in “yourself”. Take in yourself
  • Feel the calmness that comes over the mind and heart
  • Feel that calm flood the body
  • You are now consciously happening to life!
  • Feel the magic of empowered choice!
  • Feel the magic of inner trust
  • Feel the magic of the pliable nature of your mind as it acts upon life!

Continue to develop such protocols of personal power and awareness. Doing so will gradually chips away at this cosmic amnesia. How will you happen to life in the morning and each new moment as an explorer of realms and possibilities? You are the incredible expression that is always happening to life! Give yourself permission to see this and to act accordingly.


0 #1 Sonia Barrett 2022-07-28 14:45
You are most welcome Markeshah, yes we are all on this journey and quest, doing all we can to understand it and to evolve ourselves. Its an honor!

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