You were meant to know….and you do know! Become more persistent than the illusion!

Sonia Barrett

April 20, 2023

“Some things we’re not meant to know” – that statement is just a copout! It just lets folks off the hook from interrupting their comfortable beliefs about the human journey and of what follows their exit!

Understandably so, as Einstein said, the illusion is persistent! Our efforts to become more persistent than the illusion is where we fall short and life becomes a persistent hamster wheel!

Those seeking to penetrate the force field of this trance, undergo a mix of doubt and certainty in their ability to do so. Although the illusion is a paradox as all things are an illusion and real, all at once, we are however contending with a specifically stubborn human experience. One that seems to require a level of awakening that might often seem unattainable.  But is it the experiences that are stubborn or is it simply our addiction to these experiences that we have difficulty neutralizing.

This is the same quest that ancient seekers sought profound awaken from this trance and some have managed to do so throughout history. Perhaps it’s your turn to break the trance. However it’s tough to do so when we convince ourselves that our limitations are something else, the protection of our egos is one of the strongest rules of survival for humans. Yet our ego often deviate our attention from the actual goal at hand.

This is without a doubt a great feat into our-selves and that which lies beyond the walls of the human illusion. This is alchemy as we work in an effort to achieve the philosopher’s stone. The goal of transmutation!

If you are feeling worn from the journey it’s understandable but keep in mind that the human experience is about focus and where you place your attention. Where you place focus or your attention it requires tremendous energy, so pull back. Take a moment to slow things down so that you can once again see just how wrapped up you might be in your point of distraction. Take a deep breath and keep it moving!

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