Where is your importance placed?

To examine where we place importance identifies where much of our creative energy is placed. Those things of importance require focused attention; the observer effect. What is the end result of your focused attention? What is your game made of? What defines your game? We are immersed in an endless series of important features in our reality. However what is interesting is the manner in which the order of importance can quickly be altered. Life happens tossing us to and from, forcing us to adapt to a shift in the order of importance. Suddenly what once seemed important now holds less of our focus. Instead that energy has been diverted to the new target of importance. We spend time swapping varying degrees of energy or life force which is then applied to crystalizing our reality. Much of this happens in rotation; an automatic action causing us to seldom be present or free from the kinds of priorities we “buy” into.

Can you be present right now in this moment? In this NOW MOMENT time almost cease to exist. In The Business of Disease documentary Dr. Romeo Brooks reminds us that “the mind has two functions, memory and imagination; Memory presents us with the past and imagination is of the future neither of which exist in our now moment, our mind plays the experiences of the past which exist as a memory and the imagination plays that which is being imagined about the future, but all that we really have is NOW and NOW has been defined as zero to 5 seconds!”

Where is much of your importance placed? Is it spent reliving memoires of the past or speculations about the future? Both the past and the future are inextricably combined as the past happens after 5 seconds yet simultaneously creates the future. So what are you creating right now in your schedule of importance. Take a moment to review your blueprint and the patterns of “the important unimportant” which may be core components in your reality design. The roadmap to the change you seek is perhaps right in front of you!


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Great article, this is from the comment under your blog on the new website!

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