Cyberspace of the Mind



You have rented out your Mind!

You have rented out your soul!


By Sonia Barrett


So we are in a game, how difficult is that concept to awaken to. In the course of one week I have had a number of people ask me about destiny and fate.  These were all amazing beings truly emerging from the sleep state and their programmed lives. For some there is difficulty in moving into that awakened space as it  forces one to be consciously responsible for ones journey in creation and as creation itself. The question is are you ready to see what your reality has been made of, are you ready to step beyond the old reality concepts that you have been repeticiously shaping your life for ages., are you ready to move beyond someone else’s hype and packaged reality making you a  slave to a virtual game?

When we begin to move into this level of awareness about reality most all concepts and perceptions of reality fall away because you see, all of those concepts and perceptions were the hologram itself of the game. This was the playing field for your experiencing of limitations; of being both slave and master. People ask me what of numerology and astrology. They are tools, constructs of this game/reality in support of the navigation of the soul. They offer guidelines in alignment with this giant “scheduler and recorder” the soul. (See the article Ascension of the Soul) We as human beings are much happier when someone or something outside of us provides us with some sort of map or guideline. We love psychic readings and astrology readings and numerology readings and instructions from Ascended Masters, and other beings. We must understand that this is a general programming in human beings as well as the platform on which this virtual world is constructed. In order for humans to remain outside of themselves and to accept the instructions from external forces these programmed concepts were introduced to the human mind, cells and our psyche.  These concepts are then reinforced by the savior program on the planet. We are programmed to believe that someone is coming to save us. This of course opens the door for many other forces to make their grand entrance into the human mind, belief system and thought process.

Although 2012 is about an evolution in planetary changes it is still part of a cosmic program designed for all planetoids and life force created within a specific field of experience. It operates on a timer, a technology that is based on higher levels of thought constructs by master designers/architects. 2012 acts as a code beyond the cosmic cycles through which it unfolds but also within most all human being regardless of religious beliefs. The New Age movement has ushered in the next level of the game which involves this heightened appearance of Ascended Masters. The preparation was turned up a notch beginning with the concept of guides and angels which became a strong movement in the 90’s as Ascended Masters gradually stepped up their communication with humanity. These are all key constructs of the game as people began to look for Lord Maitreya, Sanada, Kathumi, Serapis Bay, these were infused into the new age movement through people like Elizabeth Clair Profit and Ashtar Command and the list goes on.

It is quite difficult for many to see behind the smoke and mirrors of this programmed game because they have come to trust, believe and depend on these concepts which subtly fulfills of the program to begin with. If one should step back you may recognize that all of these concepts simply breeds disempowerment as each of these aspects continue to affirm humanity’s already limiting belief of being less than and therefore subservient to all of these forces outside of themselves, unworthy of true ascension.  When we begin to truly awaken to this Rubicks cube within which our minds have been held captive we can then begin to see the humor of it all along with the brilliance of the madness in which you choose to participate. I am not at all saying that there aren’t evolved humans who have transcended this game but those who truly have would gain nothing from playing the same limiting game which they have figured out and transcended. Just as you and I; as we expand in awareness have no need or desire to enslave another. We are then focused on becoming grander than we have been for quite sometime. We then do not need to be worshipped as that in it self further limits us and results in a lower vibration field.  We can clearly reason this all out to see the illusion of the game.

So as we peel away the programs we will begin to see the fluid nature of the entire game. We are then no longer vibrating at the same rate of speed as the reality around us. Our bodies are no longer tied into the physical world from the concept of finality. The material world can be viewed as props but yet each item is a virtual prop hard wired into your brain, into your library of programs to allow your limited virtual experience, a brilliant game no doubt. The entire sensation/emotional mechanism is wired into everything, it has to in order for it all to be accepted as “real” according to our programmed definition of “real”. I have interviewed quite a number of physicists and what’s interesting is that although they are quite awesome in their discoveries you can most often see what they can’t at this time. There are limitations which are still placed on certain concepts and discoveries made.

The concept of separatism is the most strangling belief system and at the same time we are being blindsided with a sneaky concept of Oneness. The original idea or concept of Oneness and one mind meant something else beyond what is currently being used as a vehicle for One world dominance. What we must realize is that there are two world or potentials playing at the same time (there are unlimited potentials operating at the same time however I am speaking of a base principle around the one mind movement which will determine your choices in moving into other potentials) in other words there is a flip side to all aspects of the game. What has happened however is that the programming of fear and survival causes us to immediately hook into the more limiting potentials. What is also interesting is the manner in which you are looped into the game despite the fact that you have realized that there is deception. What happens is that when many of us figure out the deception we don’t flip the coin to see the other aspect and so we go on a bandwagon of dislike and internal war against that which is being opposed. In this manner you continue to feed the machine, you are still fulfilling the program as the vibration of your emotions are then equivalent to those who have bought into the program. This reality feeds off of fear, survival, opposition infused with anger and hate; we then become the very thing that we are in opposition to. It is a cleaver game.

So the current concept of “oneness” being sold to humanity is one of enslavement. The one mind concept has been a project in preparation for quite sometime via the vehicle of the educational system. It is the “group mind” concept, we all love the idea of working together and being one but we have no idea the deception and the con involved by those that govern. Individuality interferes with the administering of new programs of control. It’s much too difficult to control those who are individual thinkers. For those who have owned their own business you might be aware of the fact that employers generally do not care to hire people who have worked for themselves as they are much more difficult to control or to conform to a structured way of thinking. I interviewed Charlotte Iserbyt, Ex Senior Policy Advisor for the department of Education during the Regan era and here is a quote from that interview

“behavior modification is really, well what they are trying to do is strip the individual of their personality, they consider that the individual is an animal, that’s where you start, you really could start with Wilhelm Wundt in Germany in the late 1800’s his laboratory there and Pavlov studied under Wundt a lot of people thought all the psychologist studied under Pavlov, but Wundt is very interesting he figured it out pretty quickly that psychology it’s the study of the soul, well in all of his experiments he wanted to change people, and he couldn’t do it, its very hard to change the soul the soul sort of floats around and escapes your grasp, so he changed the whole system to human beings are animals and they are to be trained, not educated, to be trained, and they do that through stimulus response, it actually works on the nervous system versus the soul and the brain right, behavior modification conditioning bypasses the brain and they had to figure out different techniques etc to bring about change, and of course the computer, Skinner always called that his thoughts very, very dangerous for education I am not saying that one shouldn’t know how to use the computer and I am not saying it isn’t fabulous for research but when you have it for computer  assisted instructions actually there is very little thinking that goes on there, its conditioning, because after you put in the correct answer you get some sort of response, some sort of reward it makes you feel good, but no thinking is going on there, and although you might be able to repeat what’s going on there you don’t have any understanding and that’s why with so many of these reading programs they say they’re phonics, well it may be phonics but they are using the Skinner method, they are using direct instructions and that bypasses the brain, so they maybe parroting out words and sentences and they maybe even getting pretty good test scores, second and third grade and the administration, the Bush Administration especially because of the reading _________? Oh they say things are improving but by the time children get into fifth and sixth grade, you probably read this stuff, the scores are going down again because there isn’t any comprehension and of course we are talking about academics now that’s very, very serious, I think that the ability of the computer and behavior modification of Skinners methods etc to change a child’s attitudes and values and beliefs is extensive and he said himself and I’ve got quotes in my book, and he said himself that you can take a student form here to there a belief in God or a belief in the free market system, you can take him from there to being an atheist or from free market to being a communist in one hour”  (I would suggest listening to her interviews on the radio show, she provides amazing into the insanity of corporations and their influence on the educational system)

There is much deception at work however once again every deception has a flip side. Christmas is one of those main programs with a flip side; the Christmas tree is shaped like a pyramid which is reflective of the structure of time, the electromagnetic spectrum increases in vibration moving upwards in the shape of a cone or pyramid, human beings are at the bottom of that spectrum vibrationaly; the hertz field, the gifts at the bottom represents the gift of being in the game at the lower end of the spectrum, the angel or star at the top represents our goal of returning to the apex of the spectrum; zero point spin; the void. It is a celebration of our descent into matter as well as a celebration of the possibility of our vibrational ascent beyond this field of forgetfulness; one might then see this as a return to Christ consciousness, the awakening beyond programs once again.

Independence Day being the 4th of July is strongly linked to the conjunction of Sirius and our Sun during the months of July through August. This period according to the ancient’s mark a time of liberation which I will not go into as this can be researched. The point is that the energy of liberation can be embraced for ones self or simply from a different perspective other than the obvious event being celebrated. Learning to transmute events and dates as well as viewing the flip side can be a powerful experience. The energy of opposition is lifted and the program of war and survival are then shifted to a neutral space of non judgment to some degree but more of an observation of the many faces of the game. What we struggle or fight against will only manifest in other forms or disguises. We will not have transcended such things.

To be able to free ourselves to process all emotions without judgment is a huge stumbling block as we have been conditioned to disallow certain feelings and emotions. The concept of joy is then misunderstood as once again the new age movement is programming everyone to enter this artificial state of bliss and “joy” as defined by society. But what is joy? Joy is the allowing of ones self to feel “happy or sad” without the pressure of feeling one or the other. The minute we allow ourselves to process these emotions without repression or judgment or comparison based on someone else’s idea; we will find freedom and a sense of empowerment no longer bound by the pressures of conforming to “joy” as defined my the spiritual movement or society. To be blissed out in the manner being promoted is to be fractured and living from a space of being either this thing or that thing. Laughter and humor comes from our recognition of the non seriousness of life and the gigantic virtual set design we having been operating in. When we begin to experience life from that concept of freedom then every particle of which every physical item is made will be seen in its true form which is fluid movements; energy in motion. Everything becomes penetrable. We can then see the slow spin of all objects as our bodies are then vibrating at a higher rate of speed. Is this fantasy? No not at all, have you ever seen the manner in which a high powered camera is able to slow down the movement of most anything to the point where you can see a plant actually growing. Well the lens of your eyes will be able to view these things as the brain will take its cue from the evolution of ones consciousness in conjunction with the flood of knowledge coming in. The bandwidth is increased and so your thoughts and your observation will be elevated. To operate in judgment requires one to hang out in the field being judged in order to capture the full effect of that which is to be judged. Judgment is fracturization; separation, it is a quest to discover ones self through all that is being judged. There is however a difference between observation and judgment. Judgment is a confirmation of our own limitations. Judgment is an agreement to participate in a dance with what is being judged.

This kind of freedom releases one from the rewind of the game, returning again and again with limited memory while creating an accumulation of debts in each timeline you are associated with. This level of freedom will take one beyond the barriers of time and space at least the illusion of barriers. This level of freedom is what is sought after by those who have ruled earth for sometime. You are not thought worthy of this level of rediscovery, mere pawns in a game, a fractured God, a fragmented mind. The deeper realization is that all of life is being played out in your mind, in your head as well. You process your emotions within that space and your ego determines what you will feel for that person, place, situation or thing as you are busy analyzing things based on “what they, it have done to you”. You disempower yourself to the victimization that has been assessed in your mind. You therefore open the door for more victimization, somewhere deep in the subconscious this is all stored and what we do not fulfill in the conscious space of time the soul records and brings it along for the next round of experiences.

Look around you, close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the cars going by, all sounds passing by and if you can center yourself and allow these sounds to flow through you they will become nothing more that what they are…simply frequency patterns brought into solidity based on your observation of them, what finality have you placed on them, If you can feel them as fluid you will truly begin to see the matrix, for what it is, a virtual game between the brain and the mind. Its not that serious, really it isn’t, that’s the joke! Nothing exists until you observe it into existence, oh boy, what’s really in your subconscious mind?

Repetitiously shaping your life for ages