Understanding the Contracts of the Matrix




Corporations, religion, education, secret societies, government:

all guardians of the matrix

March 16, 2008

*PLEASE READ- This information is not intended to encourage a disregard for the law or for government. Its purpose is to ignite a desire within every reader to reassess and to reinsert the sovereignty of his or her spiritual and physical existence...... This is in no way legal advice and further research is encouraged as well as legal advice as seen fit. The contents are for information only as I cannot provide advice on any of these matters. Additional information can be found on the internet.

The following is a guideline of information upon which the matrix operates. Although the information may be directed more specifically towards the United States, please understand that the entire world is under a similar system. The vehicles through which these concepts of control are being administered may look different but the same principle are being applied. It is my opinion that in order to move into more expansive aspects of freedom it is important to be armed with knowledge. We are experiencing reality/our lives within a system in which there are collective agreements by which the optical illusion and our experiences are being shared.

In seeking spiritual freedom we must realize that we have been experiencing our lives based on contractual programming, brainwashing and control all of which has allowed us to partake in the fullness of the game. But is there such a thing as winning or figuring out the game? Well there are many levels to the game and it is within our right to determine just how much of the game we are interested in unveiling. Unveiling means change so you may find that many will not readily jump onboard for such deep levels of unveiling. It is very easy to convince yourself however that you are operating within “joy and a divine space of peace, la, la, la, la, la”. It all sounds really great and empowering as most of the enlightenment information out there is not delving into the structure of the matrix/system neither are you being encouraged to see what is really going on behind the scenes instead one is being encouraged to simply find peace, and to just feel good at all times. That is absolute insanity as you are being asked to continue the fracturing of yourself.  It would be like asking you to ignore everything that you have ever experienced when all of your experiences are your stepping stones. It is about balance and allowing yourself the pleasure of feeling whatever it is you are feeling in the moment, examine it and move forward instead of focusing on joy and peace. To focus on one or the other is to reinforce the possibility of the polar opposite coming into play.

There is global enslavement in place and has been for sometime hence the programmed autopilot life which we have been living. This global enslavement is enforced through government, religion, education etc of which the corporate system plays a major role. This corporate enforcement is controlled by silent empires, secret societies and hoarders of wealth and forces outside of our direct region of time but closely attached to this local. The world is commercially enslaved meaning that we are locked into contractual commercial agreements governed by the laws of the UCC; the Uniform Commercial Code. Money is no longer an instrument of exchange backed by any substance with a higher frequency/vibration value such as gold. It is backed by nothing other than more debt hence it is called Federal Reserve Notes. They are promissory notes of exchange…a promise to pay and boy are you paying with you life! Your life force is being used to run the machine and will continue to do so until you as an individual chooses to withdraw your consciousness from the control of the system/matrix. Understand that :

1) No one can know this information for you

2) No one can be free for you

3) You are responsible for your own freedom once armed with knowledge

4) Spiritual freedom is what is to be achieved

5) It is a reclaiming of birthright

6) It is a Discovery of self

7) It is about Growth

I have created an outline of basic information on the contractual agreements by which the system operates and by which you have been held spell bound, agreements of slavery unbeknownst to you. You will begin to better understand why you have felt the way that you have and why you yearn for a freedom that cannot be defined, why you cant seem to achieve so called “success”, why the struggle, why the ongoing battle of survival. You may have to read some of the material several times but I would also suggest listening to the radio program I am now hosting called Sovereign Mind Radio as the guests being interviewed bring deep levels of information into the mechanics of the system/machine which can used to strengthen your movement into freedom. You can begin to make less limiting choices.  You will understand that your birth certificate is a contract, your marriage license is a contract with the state, your drivers license and all license are contracts, your SS# is a contract, the state is the true guardian of your children- they own them just as they own you and your life force for economic gain, you own nothing; not your car or you house but what you can do is begin to own yourself again. MAY YOU FIND UNDERSTANDING AND CLARITY IN THE INFORMATION TO FOLLOW

General understanding

Based on the current system in place you have been operating in the following manner:

1) Real person- the flesh and blood you

2) Fictional person: a corporation/artificial entity; a straw man


Straw man: “A front”; a third party who is put up in name only to take part in a transaction in name only. The straw man is an artificial person created by law at one’s birth via the birth certificate. The straw man has a fictitious name written in a manner outside the rules of proper English grammar. A straw man is a separate legal entity that benefits the creator (US Government) because the creator can then accomplish things in the name of the straw man that would not otherwise be permitted—e.g. secretly acquire property, do business with one’s enemies, etc. The people of the world have been politically and financially ravaged because they did not know their alter ego* public persona straw man. The straw man has been used against them by their respective governments for the purpose of siphoning their wealth, which is then conveyed to the creditor of said bankrupt governments. After Redemption one can use the straw man for one’s benefit, rather than being enslaved and abused because of it.” Your name in all capital letters identifies your straw man, an artificial entity, a corporation e.g. JOHN DOE. This all caps name can be found on all documents such as DL, Passport, contracts, bank accounts, SS card

Note: Under the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) the straw man is defined as, and serves as a “transmitting utility

  • What is the purpose of the straw man

Every man woman and child was assigned a strawman as a mode/vehicle of operating in commerce . The straw man is a product of the United States not United States of America (see definition below)


Commerce: “The exchange of goods, products or property of any kind ; the buying, selling and exchanging of articles. The transportation of persons or property by land, water and air. Commerce is the vehicle or glue (bond, tissue) that holds, or binds the corporate body politic (society as a whole) together. Also per Title 27 United States Code “USC”, § 72.11 all crime is commercial”

  • Why?

Because we live under two systems:

1) United States

2) United States of America


United States: (US Inc.) “A corporation; a bankrupt organization per House Joint Resolution 192 of June 5, 1933, Senate Report 93-549, etc; a de facto government; originally the 10 square mile tract ceded by Maryland and Virginia and comprising Washington. D.C,. plus the possessions, territories, forts, arsenals and embassies ( tract from Virginia was retroceded in 1846); a foreign jurisdiction to the united States of America.”

United States of America (USA) “The republic whose organic law is the constitution adopted by the people of the thirteen states that declared their independence of the government of Great Britain on the fourth day of July, 1776….If the nation comes down from its position of sovereignty and enters the domain of commerce, it submits itself to the same laws of commerce that govern individuals therein. It assumes the position of ordinary citizen and it cannot recede from the fulfillment of its obligations Bouvier’s 3rd.”

  • United States, Commerce and the straw man:

Ø All license/contracts e.g.

Ø Drivers License

Ø Marriage License


Ø Mortgages

Ø Auto Registration

Ø Bank Accounts

Ø Permits

Ø Subsidies

Ø Business License

Ø License/Fees

Etc. are instruments of contracts through which you are given permission (not rights but privilege) to interact in commerce. Your name appears in all caps on all of these instruments as representation of your straw man; your front, In other words your acceptance of these instruments is contractual agreement with the rules and regulations of the fictitious entity the United States Inc and its agencies.

  • Citizenship

As a US citizen your rights are limited. You are a property of the corporate United States Inc and subject to the contractual laws of the US in order to engage in commerce. “Citizens” are members of a political community who, in their associated capacity have established or submitted themselves to the dominion of a government for the promotion of their general welfare and the protection of their individual as well as collective rights, Blacks 6th.

  • Birth Certificate

a) A birth certificate is a negotiable instrument a registered security, a stock certificate evidencing, or representing, the preferred stock if the corporation (United States, Inc)  and against which you are the surety; pedigree chattel document establishing the existence of your straw man, a distinct artificial person with a fictitious name; document of title to a straw man; warehouse receipt for your body; delivery receipt; industrial bond between you (natural person ) and the industrial society and corporate US Government (artificial person)

b) Your birth certificate is one of the kinds of security instruments used by the US Government to obtain loans from its creditor, the Federal Reserve System, under which it is bankrupt and in Chapter 11 Reorganization. In the year 1936 each American birth certificate was assigned a value of $630,000.00. Today it is believed that each birth certificate has a value of $1,000,000.00. The collateral for the loans issued against the birth certificate is you; i.e., your body, labor, and property.



Contracts- Means the total legal obligation which results from the parties agreement as affected by this code and any other applicable rules of law UCC 1-201 (11)

Corporation- An artificial person or legal entity created by or under the authority or laws of a state. An association of persons created by status as a legal entity. The law treats the corporation itself as a person that can sue and be sued. The corporation is distinct from the individuals who comprise it (shareholders). The corporation survives the death of its investors, as the shares can usually the transferred. Black’s 6”.

District of Columbia- A territory situated on the Potomac River, and being the seat of government of the United States. It was originally ten miles square, and was composed of portion of Maryland and Virginia ceded by those states to the United States; but in 1846 the tract coming from Virginia was retroceded Legally is neither a stat nor a territory, but is made subject, by the constitution, to the exclusive jurisdiction of congress. Black’s 1st

Fictitious Name- A counterfeit, feigned, or pretended name taken by a person, differing in some essential particular from his true name, (consisting of Christian name and patronymic*,) with the implication that it is meant to deceive or mislead. Blacks 4th Your all caps letters straw man name is a fictitious name that was created by the bankrupt, corporate US Government at your birth and was meant to deceive or mislead you. You were deceived or misled into identifying with the all-capital letters-written fictitious version of your true name without realizing the legal implications of such identifications/association.

Bond- A certificate or evidence of a debt on which the issuing company or governmental body promises to pay the bondholders a specified amount of interest for a specified length of time, and to repay the loan on the expiration date. A long term debt instrument that promises to pay the lender a series of periodic interest payments in addition to returning the principal at maturity. In every case a bond represents debt—its holder is a creditor of the corporation and not a part owner as is the shareholder Blacks 6th

Note: The birth certificate is the bond instrument employed by the government to secure loans

Surety- One who has contracted himself to be answerable for the debt, default, or miscarriage of another. ACED “one who undertakes to pay money or perform other acts in the event that his principal fails to do so. You are the surety on the preferred stock, represented by the birth certificate

Chattel- An article of personal property; any species of property not amounting to a free in land…The term “chattels” is a more comprehensive one than “goods” as it includes animate as well as inanimate property Black’s 1st

Artificial person- Created by art, or by law; existing only by force of or in contemplation of law Black’s 1st Names of persons appearing in all-capital letters are written in improper English and exist only by force of or in contemplation of law. Persons so-named are artificial persons.

Attorney- (The statement found in the law dictionaries for the last 200 years, that the word means “one who acts in the rurn of another is a bad guess.)

Note: No attorney has a “license to practice law”. The Constitution of the State of California (and likely all other states’) Article XX, Section 3, requires that a license, in order to be valid, be issued by the State of California. The California Business and Professions Code, “B&P “ §§ 6002 and 6067 requires “a certificate of the oath” to “be indorsed upon “the license of a practicing attorney.” Attorney have no license—only their Bar Card, which is evidence only of active membership (dues are current) in a foreign-owned, private organization, the Bar Association or attorneys in America. State Bar Associations are subsidiaries of the American Bar Association, which is a branch or franchise of the Bar Council of England and Wales—hence the (Constitutionally prohibited) title of nobility: “Esquire”*. Attorneys cannot reclaim sovereignty and continue to practice as an attorney because they are held “in bar” in the administration of the bankruptcy and cannot be sovereign by definition. They have masters. Corporations can only be represented (re-presented) by an attorney, and are held in bar by attorney. United States Attorneys do not take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, but rather the Bar Association. The US Attorney General is a member of the Secretariat of Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization). Modern attorneys are only “at law” as opposed to “in law”.* “* At” means “near” or “in the vicinity of,” and applies to statutory legal systems, “ In law” is the common law, accrual law, where sovereigns once dealt with each other in handling other than artificial persons, e.g. corporations and individuals* (corporations of one) like you the straw man.

Stock/Preferred Stock- An equality or ownership position in a corporation (stockholders own the corporation); usually created by a contribution of the capital of the corporation. Its unit of measurement is the share, and the owner of one or more shares of stock of the company is entitled to participate in the company’s management and profits, and in distribution of assets upon dissolution of the company. Ownership of stock may be evidenced by a written instrument known as a stock certificate (birth certificate= stock certificate)

Note: Common stock is public, preferred stock is private. You are, inherently, a preferred stockholder, although you have not been aware of it. The priority tax exemption is the preferred stock, and is evidenced by title to the birth certificate. The state (bankrupt Federal Government) is the common stockholder of record because they presently hold title to your birth certificate, the evidence of the preferred stock (a security instrument). You have the right ot operate/use your straw man, but you do not presently hold title to your straw man. Title to your straw man is held by the state. You have been mistakenly answering to the name of the straw man, posing as the straw man (obtaining licenses, permits, etc.), and acting like the straw man (hiring attorneys, paying income tax, fines, charges, etc.).

UCC- Uniform Commercial Code (see note #4 below)

Debtor- Debtor means the person who owes payment or other performance of the obligation secured, whether or not he or she owns or has rights in the collateral, and includes the seller of accounts or chattel paper UCC 9-105 (d)

Note: Until you properly establish yourself as creditor over your straw man as “debtor”, the Creditor is bankruptcy own all interest in your straw man, making you an involuntary servant (slave) with no rights in the collateral; i.e. your body, labor, or property. The real you has only naked possession meaning you bear all of the liabilities and burdens but are devoid of the freedom to exercise any rights or privileges concerning your life or property other than those permitted by the Creditors in bankruptcy.

Creditor-Creditor” includes a general creditor, a secured creditor, a lien creditor and any representative of creditors. Including an assignee of the benefit of creditors, a trustee in bankruptcy, a receiver in equity and an executor or administrator of an insolvent debtor’s or assignor’s estate. UCC 1-201 (12)

Note: Each type of representative of creditor listed above is, in itself, a precise description of the Secretary of the Treasury, who is the official Receiver in Bankruptcy over the bankrupt United States Government. Such also describes the underlings of the Secretary of the Treasury, one of whom is the Commercial Law, as embodied in the UCC) there are only two kinds of people: Debtors and Creditors. The fact in Commercial Law is also a fact in any governmental Law is (statutory) court. Judges and attorneys (unregistered foreign agents--- “Creditor” per the Internal Revenue Code also means “employer”

IRS- the IRS is a revenue (re-venue) and intelligence-gathering agency under Commissioner of Internal Revenue, who is under the Secretary of the Treasury.

Secretary of the Treasury-The Secretary of the Treasury does NOT work for the US Government. He is the Receiver in Bankruptcy for the creditor of the bankrupt United States Government, i.e. the owner of the private Federal Reserve Bank. Simply stated the Federal Reserve is the creditor and the US Government is the debtor. Under UCC, UCC 1-201 (12) the IRS, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, and the Secretary of the Treasury are all defined as “creditors” because they are acting as agents for the actual creditor and Real Party of Interest

Federal Reserve Notes (see note #6)

Person- Persons are divided in law into natural and artificial. Natural persons are such as the God of nature formed us; are such as are created and devised by human laws, for the purpose of society and government, which are called “corporations” or “bodies politic”. Black’s 1st

Note: A straw man is a person with a fictitious name written in “legalese,” i.e. a language foreign to the rules of English grammar. Men and women (with true names written properly, i.e. initial letters only capitalized) are not persons, but are sometimes referred to as natural persons.” However it is as impossible for a “person” to be “natural” as it is for a “man” to be “artificial”. “Person” is a moniker hatched by lawyers.

Social Security Account Number- Account number attached to birth certificate straw man (all-capital letters written name). The number belongs to the straw man, the card to the Social Security Administration. In securities and the like, when a serial number appears in red ink, as on the reverse of the Social Security Card, the red signifies that it is a private—as opposed to “public”—number. Remember that the big game is an accounting game, and that the ledger must always balance. i.e. whatever appears on the public side of the ledger in the straw man’s account must be balanced out on the private side. The red number is attached to somebody’s true name.

Transmitting Utility- (Note) we all use electrical, water, telephone, sewer service, etc. in our lives. The bills for these services come in the name of our straw man, but we are the ones who must pay them. We are afforded access to these services—i.e. they are “transmitted” to us—by virtue of our straw man, in whose all-capital letters-written fictitious name we have a nexus to the public venue. Your straw man interfaces between you and the public industrial society. He transmits to you, the man/.woman, from the public venue to the private venue, all manner of services which are available only from the public venue via artificial persons, i.e. straw men. The term “utility” in patent law means: industrial value; the capability of being so applied in practical affairs as to prove advantageous in the ordinary pursuits in life, or add to the enjoyment of mankind.” A transmitting utility is used to convey/send/transfer industrial value from one entity to another or from one place to another; i.e. from the industrial corporations to biological men and women, or from the public side to the private side of the national economy.  (see straw man)

Important points to remember (taken from Redemption in Law)

1) When the United States declared bankruptcy in 1933, Roosevelt called all the Governors of the States together and said in effect, “We have bankrupt nation here. In order tot get out of this we have to do something that is illegal, which are to mortgate the future assets of our States. This is illegal, but we can get by with it if we do it unanimously,” The illegal act was mortgaging the future income of each State, meaning the Citizen of the States (the people). So they all agreed, and created the administrative courts to enforce the illegal process, which function on the basis of statures and codes, outside of sovereignty, rights, and the Constitution. There are now approximately sixty million statues and codes today (just visit any large law library and gaze upon the endless racks of fine-print law books.) But all of these codes, statues, and administrative courts apply only to someone in bondage whose Birth Certificate is being mortgaged by the United States Government to pay the Creditors on the Chapter 11 bankruptcy Reorganization

2) The best an attorney can do is make a deal, which is a compromise (how much) rather than a clear win. You must be the HDC (holder in due course) of the action.

3) If you fail to reclaim rights to title of your straw man by filing a UCC-1 Lien, making you the creditor and absolute ruler of your straw man, you are not sovereign and you will lose at resolution of any dispute.

4) The most powerful contract in the world is a UCC-1 Financing Statement, which is impenetrable and the foundation of all commerce

5) When your sovereignty is established in law you become the Creditor and any adverse party the Debtor in any dispute with you. If you fail to establish your sovereignty in law, you do not own yourself, have no legal capacity, and are devoid of standing to assert any rights.

6) (Federal Reserve Notes-FRNs) As a result of House Joint Resolution 192 of June 5, 1933 (HJR-192) a debt can no longer be “paid” because the only way lawful payment can be made with gold or silver coin or currency—was made “illegal”. Since the new “legal tender” consists solely of private Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs), which are private commercial instruments representing debt, transference of such instruments between users merely “discharges” the relative debt between them. No matter how much exchange of FRNs transpires between users, the debt incurred in the creation of those FRNs still exists, and interest is owing. For the “privilege” of receiving FRNSs instead of United States Notes in exchange for one’s labor, on must pay a fine called income tax, out of one’s personal supply of FRNs, to the owners of the FRNs, the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB). The more FRNs one acquires---i.e. the more debt one accumulates—the more he is fined. The fine is tendered to the private collection agency of the FRB, the Internal Revenue Service.

All wealth of the people was “legally” transferred from the people to the Government, people were converted to chattel property (i.e. animals), and the “mirror image” straw men were placed on the birth certificates. The industrial society was then set up to run strictly via straw men.

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