The Corporate Matrix


April 2005

(Note- This information is not intended to encourage a disregard for the law or for government. Its purpose is to ignite a desire within every reader to reassess and to reinsert the sovereignty of his or her spiritual and physical existence......)

CORPORATION- "An artificial person or legal entity created by or under the authority or laws of a state. An association of persons created by statute as a legal entity. The law treats the corporation itself as a person that can sue and be sued. The corporation is distinct from the individuals who comprise it (shareholders). The corporation survives the death of its investors, as the shares can usually be transferred". Black’s Law Dictionary

The original concept of forming a corporation originated in Rome. The Roman government opposed private organizations and societies, they however permitted individuals to form non-profit membership clubs "for the purpose of education, fire control and the burial of members. In the late Middle Ages the Romans' corporation concept expanded in France and Germany permitting merchants to "form trading societies and craft guilds for investment and larger business purposes." The Roman Empire operated entirely under the concept of control as the fasces (a bundle of sticks and an axe- the word fascism was derived from fasces) symbolized. This same energy continues to be interwoven throughout the governing forces of commerce. This system requires a complete surrender of will as it did then as it does now. As John Henry Stephens wrote in A Treatise on the Principles of Pleading, 1972:

"There have grown up in the history of nations only two great systems of law, the civil law of ancient Rome, and the common law of England. Either the one or the other of these two great schemes of justice governs all the most civilized nations in the world. Though the civil law and the common law have much in common, yet in many important particulars they are the opposites of each other."

There is an ongoing tug of war between those opposed to control and those enforcing control. It is intensely essential that we realize the significance it compounds,  for such control ensures the enforcement of the "survival program". The survival program forms the wedge or veil between the spiritual and the physical. It intercepts the awakening of the true Christ consciousness within humanity. The structures in place for self-sustenance within modern day commerce has been formatted to force the individual into submitting in order to "survive" (put food on the table, so to speak). Many of the seekers of truth find themselves in financial difficulties in attempting to move beyond the programmed process of "survival". Many succumb without realizing that they have, by finding ways to validate their actions in seeking  monitory stability.

Many are unaware of the science within the structure of commerce. The UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) sets the international standard of commerce.

" Incredibly, the development of the UCC has been so brilliantly orchestrated by the legal masters of the world that even though it permeates and dominates the everyday lives and activities of every man, woman, and child in American from conception to casket- as well as virtually every other living soul on the planet- and even though it is the most senior form of law of law in every country of the world, encompassing all others (see UCC 1-103), the UCC is a cultural obscurity, blending in to societal scenery so well as to not even to raise an eyebrow upon mention. Even the general members of the bar-the lawyers, attorneys, solicitors, advocates, and barristers, i.e. the foot soldiers, snipers, and assassins of the banker-generals who wage war on the world- are for the most part ignorant of its far-reaching applications and implications, which dominate even their lives as well. Likely you never even heard of the Uniform Commercial Code until it was brought to your attention by someone with the express purpose of revealing to you its influence over your life."

The matrix of survival is formed as most of our waking moment is spent complying with laws that have been set forth forcing us to comply to the best of our ability, for fear of the penalty of non-compliance. The assignment of numbers, licensing criteria’s, eight-hour workdays, fines and fees, the list goes on. Most of us function in fear of questioning the actions being imposed on our lives, again in fear of the penalties. The propelling force of this power controls everything from religion to our family life.

Yes there are those who have walked away, letting go of the social codes and expectations, living on very little, struggling to make it, some achieve great success in letting go and there are those that are forced to return to the system. There is indeed a force field within which we experience reality and when we step outside of that field, an electrical shock is initiated upon the mind. We are then bombarded with illusion after illusion of potential demise, the program of fear is turned up several notches. The people around us become the catalyst in reminding us of fear- self doubt is reinforced. This ensures the return of the majority. It becomes a vicious cycle, returning lifetime after lifetime, programmed with the fear of the loss of security. The Corporate matrix instills a false sense of security. We are programmed to seek out security, the most common and socially acceptable way being through a secure job or career.

There is no such thing as external security for physicality operates on a finite program. Everything is temporary as the actions of fear based humanity is built on the survival program promoting "survival at all cost".

Within this assessment of the "corporate matrix" there will be a number of references and excerpts taken from the Handbook Redemption in Law, Theory and Practice, "Cracking the Code". This information is not intended to encourage a disregard for the law or for government. This is done for the purpose of igniting a desire within every reader to reassess and to reinsert the sovereignty of his or her spiritual and physical existence. One should begin to reevaluate the substance from which their private and collective reality has been formed. It is a process that requires your honesty about the things, places, people, attitudes and concepts that we hold on to for the sole purpose of security. A security built on fear that continues to overshadow the distance between you and your sovereignty; your freedom.

Excerpt- "Cracking the Code"

1. "The first and foremost point is that everyone in the world is a free-will sovereign. This is a free-will universe and even God does not interfere with man’s decisions. All that we are, have, and experience is what we created by thought, word, and deed. This system recognizes this foundation and operates by ti. Everyone who is enslaved is so because the system operates on the presumption that each slave made a sovereign free-will decision to be enslaved. This choice is evidenced chiefly by people’s default, their failure to state otherwise. In other words, doing and saying nothing is assent to an asserted contrary position. The system says you are their slave and you don’t rebut their presumption that you agree with their operational premise. The key issue is: "Who owns you? Is it some ‘system’? or a king or ruler (just another man or woman who, like you, has free will)? Or do you own you?" This is another way of stating: "Are you going to assert your innate free-will sovereignty and take responsibility for your own life or are you going to forfeit it to other beings (who are quite happy to receive it)?"

2. The real vs. the imaginary

Everyone has two fundamental aspects: real (biological organism, being, substance, aliveness0 and abstract (ego, mental concepts, ideas) This situation is characterized in semantics as the difference between the map and the territory, the name and the thing named. The word "water" is a symbol, an abstraction of the mind, while actual water is tangible, real, and able to be experienced by the senses. One cannot drink the word "water".To be continued