Knowing when to step away from people and conditions that keep you stuck in a loop!

Our lives are influenced by people and conditions and the people and conditions in our lives are influenced by our scripts and stories. So ultimately we have the power to rearrange or to remove these characters by rewriting the script. The script is merely the perception we hold about our lives and the compulsory conditions of our reality.  We are dealing with a one dimensional view of our lives and this continues to reinforce these patterns. It establishes a loop that becomes challenging to break.  We then feel stuck, not able to see a way out. We have then programmed ourselves for this looping experience. We are the programmers of the version of reality that we will adhere to.  

Having an intellectual understanding will not resolve this uncomfortable pattern. This requires action, hands-on approach driven by certainty and conviction. These programs are constant and we continuously bump up against them much like running into a brick wall. It hurts! Often these basic steps are not implemented or perhaps for short term only:

  • What does my script look like?
  • What character types are part of my script/stories?
  • How long have I entertained these characters and storylines?
  • What has this script allowed me to continue reinforcing about myself and my limitations?
  • What steps am I afraid to take?
  • What is the feared outcome in releasing these characters and stories?
  • Am I tired of living this same looped life?
  • What steps must I now take to cause this shift?

These are just a few questions that should be addressed in clearly seeing the conditions which continue to reinforce this loop and stagnant life. In addition, the following elements are necessary:


It’s very easy to throw in the towel when the desired changes don’t seem to take hold as quickly as we would like. We must, however, remember the degree of investment we’ve made in holding in place these self-imprisoning conditions. Are there times when we have no choice, we would like to think so as it does let us off the hook. Even for a baby, every moment fulfills steps on their journey which we have no knowledge of what that may entail. Their bodies are tiny but there is a life form or a signature essence that will occupy it and if we were to examine our own lives we will observer this course from birth that has lead us here to this moment despite our tears and battle wounds.

Not everyone experiences extreme levels of trauma and it’s not based on favoritism but rather by the requirements of the journey needing to unfold. These are challenging perspectives to embrace. We find it challenging because life is seen in a polarized fashion, of good or bad, right or wrong and positive and negative. Its also viewed as a singular experience. All the while each of these polarized expressions are initiators of the journey required in fulfilling life’s script. It is imperative that we look deeper at the human design; at the human game. We must see a much bigger picture than the one prescribed for collective acceptance. We must see the realms at which we are operating. Once we awaken to this knowing it is then that opportunities of change are activated. But to remain in denial and externalization is to keep the network open that keeps the loop running.

So who and what conditions do you now need to step back from and what implementations will you now make!  Take a Deep breath! To accept this truth about one’s life may very well allow you to feel lighter at this very moment! The more you release the lighter you will feel!

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