The fine line between being positive and hiding fear

Sonia Barrett


Sonia garden fountain photoshoot smallerIn this age of mindful-awareness and going inwards through common practices like yoga and meditation, it seems contradictory but it is quite possible to sweep our fears under the rug while busying ourselves with these practices. While these ancient tools are truly a natural part of maintaining balance as humans, we’ve also found ways to avoid our fears and vulnerabilities. They can often be cloaked in justifiable avoidance.

There is often a chant for positivity which may lead some to feel guilty or inadequate in not living up to this positivity protocol especially among the “spiritual” or the “awareness” community. To observe what is occurring before us doesn’t automatically create “negativity” as is the dreaded avoidance. This avoidance may include the observation of personal experiences along with your external observation on a global scale. To become overly cautious about being positive can actually drive one to the very thing that you are working diligently to avoid. For one thought to be held the polar opposite must also be true or at least a possibility. Both options are possible.

We are constantly in this polarization swing; its good, its bad, its black, its white, its positive, its negative, its dark, its light etc. So because of this there is discomfort in finding center or of being able to see things as they are with a level of acceptance. But the desire to judge into one extreme or the other often lands us in avoidance or in the safety of positivity. But how does positivity serve us when used to cloak our fears instead of a state of positivity that is based on a true acceptance of what is being presented in the moment. What fears are showing up for you or for me in that moment requiring our attention? Fears want to be dealt with and that is why it rises up in our faces! Your wish is my command! Fear asks the question, “Where do you want me to go, where do you want to place me? Do you wish to disguise me? Should I pop up again in 5 minutes or in 24 hours or in 20 years? What would you like to do?  This is much like the upgrade or reboots messages we receive on our phones and computers. It will not simply go away until you select an option and often if you don’t select and option the system will automatically begin the process.

Many select the option to delay the observation of fear and instead run the positivity program or whatever avoidance option we may have. Yet we have the option to stand in a state of Positivity, while standing in a state of Power. Free standing positivity is about an inner trust that through it all you will be fine. There is a sense of certainty that no matter the road before you “I trust that I will get across, I may not know exactly how it will happen but I know that I will get across and that I will be ok even in the darkness of not knowing what is on the other side” This is a very different level of positivity because it doesn’t require you to convince yourself or others, it doesn’t require a polarized view having to choose sides in judgment. But instead one is certain that all is well no matter the outcome. This is the science of the design and not simply a “spiritual” or “religious” concept (although still a science). This science we can all attest to because we have each seen it in effect at different times in our lives Particularly when we have thrown our hands up because we have run out of options, then out of nowhere somehow you make it through. (We are however programmed to slide the experience into whatever religious programming we may have running and that’s ok too. It however reduces our ownership of who we are as the fabric of our existence). This is truly a mind game! Fears present us with opportunities to see that they have no power but only the power we allot to them. Yet fear serves many essential purposes in the “survival” of the physical form. However survival is contingent on stored programs and protocols for this life.

This game we call reality is a complete feedback loop interacting with our action reaction response which feeds into the network or field around us. So perhaps in this moment examines what’s before you, what is it that keeps raising its head whether it is global or personal. Know that no matter the outcome. Let nothing threaten your mortality, your passions, and your imagination for a grander life experience. Observe; get frustrated if you need to but remember that you are engaging in the human game and that there is purpose and opportunity in it all; in your transformation and in your re-membering your master self!