Reality and; The paradox of self-discovery through utter nonsense

April 18, 2022

Sonia BarrettHaving been part of this reality for a number of years per our perception of time; I have realized the utter nonsense and foolishness of our lives. Yet it is a paradox one that is rooted in perception and interpretation. The experiencing of earth life requires a full investment in our stories and experiences which are all emotionally driven. It all brings us to self-discovery!

While we are in our plays and stories, dare anyone suggest the foolishness of it; for we will more than likely be offended and plunge deeper into survival responses and reactions. The game of reality is very arresting and chemically triggering.

It seems that victimization of some kind always seem to lay the foundation from which our personal and collective stories are generated. Within us are generational stories that become the timeless data that is stored in our DNA serving as a potential launch pad for the stories that we will give rise to. We are then steered towards people, conditions and environments according to this stored data history; the story most prominent. Often the data that seem to emerge in us is perhaps signaling that there is an opportunity for clearing. Such clearing will more than likely interrupt or cleanse other connected data history. This all dovetails into Dr. Bruce Liptons work in Epigenetics:

“Epigenetics is a new type of science that is growing in popularity and promise in the scientific world. Epigenetics is the study of cellular and physiological traits, or the external and environmental factors, that turn our genes on and off, and in turn, define how our cells actually read those genes. It works to see the true potential of the human mind, and the cells in our body.”

 “His studies showed that the outer layer of the cell was essentially an organic computer chip, and worked like the brain of the cell. From 1987 to 1992, he researched this idea and found that the environment, which would operate through the membrane, controlled the behavior and the physiology of the cell. It would turn genes on and off, and it would help create the modern science of epigenetics.”

We fear imposed suffering, shock, pain etc., on our physical and our mental systems. When such impositions occur, our bodies and mind stores this data and it becomes challenging to consciously release. This content becomes stored as victimization patterns which ultimately form the stories that shape our relationship with the world in subtle and unimaginable ways. While fear is an essential component in survival it is both friend and foe. Fear, victimization and the ego go hand in hand for we are always on guard and on the lookout for potential threats.

This constant state of being often disables our ability to see our attachment to nonsense. What is nonsense or foolishness? Pretty much most of our interactions in being human becomes ego driven in a way that gives importance to feelings and emotions that drag us down a dark path ruled by personal importance, value, worth and purpose. Often when we are able to review these stories objectively we see the emptiness of these stories that are fueled only by you the story teller. The vastness of our stories is shared only with ourselves. We then present a sharable version of these stories directly with others. Nonsense is the pettiness of the ego wrapped in self-protection; a survival response.

When our feelings are hurt, exactly what is it that has really happened to us? What damage has really been done? What are feelings? In such moments what has occurred is the triggering of our stories which are then attached to this sense of “hurt feelings”. Hurt feelings simply approve the running of stories which have root in the DNA’s archive of generational history of some sort. (As previously mentioned history lays the foundation) 

We enter this life through these bloodlines and although there may be no previous lifetime of connection, the body we occupy comes with its own DNA data archive. To better understand this phenomenon will allow you to be aware of triggers and story activations. This archived data may be deactivated or transmuted once realized as nonessential in your current reality game.

In reading this article one may begin to examine his/her life in an attempt to validate all of the experiences and challenges that you do not perceive as foolishness or nonsense. It is perhaps your opportunity to reaffirm that the traumas you suffered are “real”. These are indeed experiences that you have dealt with and they were painful. The anchor here is that feeling or sense of having no control over difficult conditions that you’ve endured. This provides a filter through which foolishness, nonsense, a specific way of being and choices can then be validated.  Another huge part of the experiencing of our reality is based on an affirmed belief that our life has been affected by someone else in some way (someone is responsible for who we have become). There is always an unresolved debt, be it your debt in this life or a generational debt. Someone always feels owed and that in itself gets passed down in the DNA’s historic data archive.

So here once again we loop our lives, being in what seems to be endless cycles. Foolishness and nonsense then becomes the stabilizers of this loop.  We seek out the pettiest of things to concern ourselves with, for such things serve as a distraction from the archive of issues that keep attempting to emerge. This is how we become so lost in our feelings as emotions run the show and loops back to our innate survival programs. (Yet through all of this there is self-discovery should one choose to blaze that trail.) We can spend hours, days, and weeks or more lamenting over what someone has said about us, perhaps that’s not your scenario but there are other ways in which we become caught in this self-protection survival web. Our feelings are everything to us. We are addicts to our feelings/emotions.

Vipassana, means to see things as they really are and not as you would like them to be. I often refer to Vipassana meditation as this is a most profound concept in considering our natural behavior which is to react to everything.  This simple yet challenging act of seeing/observing things as they are in the moment without the looping of reactive behavior; this simple act interrupts the looping of stories derived from the past which only serve to generate speculations about the future.

Will you challenge yourself to detect nonsense, foolishness and pettiness that keeps interrupting the kind of moves we wish to make in our lives? A few years back I facilitated a workshop called The Reprogramming Experiment Series which focused along these same lines. It was incredible hearing all that each participant was able to observe with themselves.

So today I encourage all of us to explore this observation of foolishness and nonsense within ourselves perhaps for a day or two or more. (This observation is not about beating yourself up with judgments but instead we can at times begin to laugh at our investment in our protected nonsense. We can break the spell through laughter) No need to defend our nonsense. Examine the changes that may occur in blooming newness in your life for perhaps even a few days. Redirect that energy. The technology of reality is an amazing interactive system. It is an open book but only when we give ourselves permission to read between the lines, open sesame! You are the book!